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JM de Guzman Calls Barbie Imperial His “Love”

Barbie Imperial gave her fans a treat when she shared a very sweet note she received from Araw Gabi co-star JM de Guzman. The young actress posted a photo of JM’s gift for her with a note that said: “Dearest love, I’d go against the world just to win your heart, I’m willing to sacrifice a lot just […]

JM de Guzman Responds To Basher Attacking Barbie Imperial

Actor JM de Guzman reprimanded a basher who called his Araw Gabi partner Barbie Imperial “mukhang bakla”, “trying hard”, and “laos”. On a recent Instagram post by Barbie, the basher commented: “Mukhang bakla! Haha. Trying hard masyado… Laos ka na! Balik ka na lang dito sa Bicol. Kawawa ka naman eh!” Related: JM de Guzman Is Definitely Back For […]

JM de Guzman Clarifies Status With Barbie Imperial

JM de Guzman has shed more light on the relationship that he shares with his Araw Gabi co-star and love team partner, Barbie Imperial. RELATED: JM de Guzman Delivers A Strong Big Screen Comeback With “Kung Paano Siya Nawala” During the press conference for JM’s latest film Kung Paano Siya Nawala, members of the media asked the actor on […]

Paul Salas Shares Learnings From His Relationship With Barbie Imperial

It has been months since Paul Salas and Barbie Imperial have reportedly split and now the actor is sharing what he has learned during the time that he shared with the actress. RELATED: Paul Salas Erases All Traces of Barbie Imperial on His Instagram In an interview with ABS-CBN, Paul revealed that he and Barbie have […]

Barbie Imperial Says She’s JM de Guzman’s Biggest Fan

Now that Araw Gabi has reached its conclusion, Barbie Imperial penned a heartfelt farewell letter to her leading man, JM de Guzman. We can all agree that the pairing of 19-year-old newcomer and 29-year-old actor and musician is something that no one expected, but the pair proved everyone wrong when their daytime series reached success and was even given […]

Barbie Imperial Rates JM de Guzman’s Kisses

Everyone’s favorite daytime series, Araw Gabi, ends today, and we will surely miss seeing Barbie Imperial and JM de Guzman on our television screens. The successful series launched the two actors as the rising love team in town, JuanBie. And now that Araw Gabi is ending, their fans are clamoring for a new project for the team up. Related: JuanBie To Get […]

JM de Guzman Asks Barbie Imperial For ABS-CBN Ball

We can all agree that the pairing of 19-year-old newcomer Barbie Imperial and 29-year-old actor and musician JM de Guzman is something that no one expected. In fact, when the announcement of their pairing was made, it wasn’t warmly welcomed by a few. But almost six months after their pairing was made, people have already fallen in love with […]

Barbie Imperial Responds If JM de Guzman Is Courting Her

There has been a lot of talks about the real status of Barbie Imperial and JM de Guzman. Now that both are single, people have been wondering what the real score is. With so many sweet off-cam photos and videos of them online, it’s hard to believe that these two co-stars are just friends. Related: Barbie […]

Barbie Imperial on ABS-CBN Ball: “First time na single ako”

The upcoming ABS-CBN Ball is a special one for newest Kapamilya leading lady Barbie Imperial. For last year’s Star Magic Ball, Barbie went with her then boyfriend Paul Salas and in the 2018 MEGA Millennial Ball back in June, she arrived with love team partner JM de Guzman but was still in a relationship with […]

Barbie Imperial Sings For JM de Guzman’s Birthday

Looks like Barbie Imperial really planned for her love team partner JM de Guzman‘s birthday. In the celebration of JM’s birthday at the Araw Gabi set, Barbie sang a special song for her leading man. While holding his hand, Barbie serenaded JM with Up Dharma Down’s ‘Tadhana’. Back in August, it can be remembered that during Barbie’s […]