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Kris Aquino Reveals Why She Followed Loisa Andalio on Instagram

Kris Aquino has been the subject of news reports lately and it seems like this won’t be ending soon as she continuously fights with bashers on social media. Today, she slammed a poser of Loisa Andalio after the poser sarcastically commented and asked about her mental state. Related: Kris Aquino Lashes Out On Social Media  The […]

Julia Barretto On Rumored Rift With Loisa Andalio: ‘Stop pitting women against each other’

Julia Barretto is done with people who are continuously trying to create conflict between her and Loisa Andalio. After the young actress retweeted a tweet that said ‘Ang kay Julia ay kay Julia’, fans assumed that it’s a shade to Loisa Andalio who’s currently paired with her reel and real partner, Joshua Garcia on the primetime soap, The […]

Loisa Andalio Wins Nickelodeon’s Favorite Pinoy Newbie

Every year, Filipino fans go wild in voting to give their favorite celebrities the chance to win Nickelodeon’s coveted orange blimp. For 2017, young actress and former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Loisa Andalio emerges as Nickelodeon’s Favorite Pinoy Newbie, beating fellow nominees Gabbi Garcia, Inigo Pascual and Joshua Garcia. Related: Who’s Your Bet in Nickelodeon’ Kids Choice Awards?  On […]

Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte Star in Wansapanataym

Lots of controversies are surrounding Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte right now. After Ronnie deleted his Instagram photos with Julia Barretto and Sue Ramirez, the Hashtags member has been in hot waters for aggressively responding to fans on Twitter and after his controversial Instagram live. He said on his Instagram live: “Huwag niyo po bigyan ng […]

Loisa Andalio Shares Worst Wardrobe Malfunction

Almost all of us has experienced occasional wardrobe malfunction, but it’s a totally different story when it comes to our favorite celebrities. Their most embarrassing moments, which includes wardrobe whoops, are frequently captured for all the world to see. No artista will ever get used to it because those fail moments stay forever on the internet. We asked […]

Loisa Andalio on Joshua Garcia: “Hindi kami friends”

Loisa Andalio has always been admired for being real and straight-forward with her answers. None-answers and white lies may be normal in showbiz, but Loisa isn’t all about that. Like a true strong woman, she speaks what’s on her mind and says what the real deal is. There have always been talks about her not being […]

What Was Loisa Andalio’s Cryptic Tweet About?

Loisa Andalio may have one of the sweetest faces in the industry, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t fight back when the situation calls for it. After her Instagram was hacked weeks ago, and after the hacker posted malicious comments on fan accounts of JoshLia and SueNie, Loisa is going strong despite the attempts to […]

Was Loisa Andalio’s Instagram Hacked?

Loisa Andalio is the subject of a new controversy when her official Instagram account was seen commenting on a photo of Ronnie Alonte and Sue Ramirez together. Aside from this, her account was also only seen following 6 people who are Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia, Sue Ramirez, Boyband PH Joao, SueNie and JoshLia fandoms. Related: Ronnie Alonte […]

Loisa Andalio-Jerome Ponce Wansapanataym Episode Earns Emmys Nomination

Loisa Andalio and Jerome Ponce are currently working together now for the hit serye The Good Son, but even before that the first project they shared together was for Wansapanatym‘s episode Candy’s Crush. To everyone’s surprise and joy, this particular episode was announced as a nominee for the Best TV Movie/Mini-Series at the 2017 International Emmy Kids Awards. It […]

Ronnie Alonte Calls Loisa Andalio His Princess

It seems like Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio are getting more and more open with their relationship status. They used to deny it every time they get asked if there’s something going on between them, but now, it feels like we don’t need to ask them anymore. One look at their social media posts, and […]