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Is Henz Villaraiz The New Love Team Partner of Ylona Garcia?

Now that Bailey May is trying his luck in the international scene, many are wondering what will happen to Ylona Garcia.  While Ylona is great on her own and is capable of success even without a love team, we still want to see Ylona paired with someone and give us kilig vibes again. Related: What’s the […]

Is Ylona Garcia Getting A New Love Team Partner?

Now that Bailey May is on to bigger things with his new group, Now United, many fans wonder what that means for the love team BaiLona. Since Bailey is busy as part of the Simon Fuller-formed global pop group, will that result to Ylona Garcia getting a new love team partner? In an interview, the […]

BaiLona No More? Ylona Garcia Says She’s Ready For a Solo Career

Ylona Garcia  says she is ready to go solo when the time comes. “I did come here as a solo artist,” she explains. “Bailey and I have been a love team but we also have our own solo paths. So I pretty much can. I think it’s safe to say that I’m confident enough. [Like […]

Ylona Garcia Has A Message to Online Bullies

Ylona Garcia says she thinks bashers are really funny. She narrates laughingly that the worst thing she’s been called is “being Ylona.” “Like who wants to be Ylona, eww!” Ylona says she’s grateful though that she doesn’t have that many bashers. “I’m pretty thankful.” Related: Ylona Garcia for Inside Showbiz Weekly A post shared by Inside […]

Ylona Garcia Dreams of Working With JaDine Again

Which prime love teams would Ylona Garcia also want to work with? She cites JaDine again, whom she and Bailey May worked with in On the Wings of Love. “I’d love to work with them again, they’re super nice” she says. “I find it really funny but people seem to get the idea that they’re […]

EXCLUSIVE! Jake Zyrus Defines Ylona Garcia as a ‘Respectful Artist’

Ylona Garcia admitted that she’s a huge fan of Jake Zyrus even before during his early career as Charice Pempengco. At Ylona’s first big solo concert titled Arrival on October 22 at the Music Museum, she had Jake as one of her special guests, and their duet was so surreal and made everybody’s jaws drop! They […]

EXCLUSIVE: Ylona Garcia and Elisse Joson’s Own Fashion Show!

After all the lights, confetti, and after all the models have walked the runway, it’s time for Ylona Garcia and Elisse Joson to have fun. These celebrity muses of Rajo Laurel at the MEGA Fashion Week let out their crazy and danced the night away after the fashion show. With silly grins on their faces, […]

Ylona Garcia for Inside Showbiz Weekly

YLONA GARCIA: BEAUTY, BRAIN AND SPUNK Talent powerhouse Ylona Garcia will headline her first solo concert Ylona Arrival this October 21. Proving that she is a combo of talent and personality, as well as effortless beauty and style, Ylona dishes on what to expect o her concert, Bailey May’s role in her life, and why she doen’t like being […]

What’s the Real Score Between Ylona Garcia and Bailey May?

After Ylona Garcia posted  photo with love team partner Bailey May with the caption ‘happy second anniversary’, many have been wondering what could it mean and if the two are together for real already. After so many projects together, could it be that their friendship has blossomed into something deeper? Related: BaiLona Wins LSS Hit Of […]

Ylona Garcia Gushes Over Meeting Kristine Hermosa

Ylona Garcia has achieved great things after exiting the phenomenal PBB house. Currently, she’s already an established actress, performer, and soon enough, she will be having her first ever concert at 15 years old! Related: Ylona Garcia Prepares For Her ‘Arrival’ Although she’s one of the fastest rising young stars now, Ylona is still the same […]