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JM de Guzman Serenades Barbie Imperial For Her Birthday

Despite insisting that they are just friends, JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial sure do act more than just that especially with the way that they treat each other. Fans of the #JuanBie love team went into a frenzy when photos and videos of JM de Guzman’s surprise for Barbie Imperial’s birthday went viral. RELATED: JM […]

JM de Guzman Tight-lipped About Paul Salas and Barbie Imperial Issue

Actor and current leading man of Barbie Imperial, JM de Guzman, refuses to comment on the physical assault issue between her and ex-boyfriend Paul Salas. This week, the issue of Paul Salas physically hurting Barbie circulated on social media after the actress posted photos of her bruises and wounds. Related: Barbie Imperial Posts Picture With Her […]

Paul Salas’ Parents React To Controversy Over Barbie Imperial’s Posts

Just a few days ago, young actress Barbie Imperial posted photos on her Instagram account revealing what appeared to be bruises from physical abuse. Online spectators and fans alike turned to her rumored ex-boyfriend Paul Salas as the culprit following the rumored end of their #PaulBie loveteam. RELATED: Barbie Imperial Posts Picture With Her Mother Showing […]

Barbie Imperial Posts Picture With Her Mother Showing More Bruises

People can’t stop talking about Barbie Imperial and the photos of her bruises that she posted on July 15. She captioned it with “No to physical abuse. Never again.” which made people assume that it was her ex-boyfriend Paul Salas who hurt her and gave her the bruises. Although the posts were quickly deleted, fans […]

Was Barbie Imperial Physically Abused By Paul Salas?

With the emergence of social media, it has been somewhat easier for people to call out those who have wronged them because of the immediate support that they are able to get and the awareness on certain moral issues that they are able to spread. One of the latest to call out their partner for […]

Paul Salas Erases All Traces of Barbie Imperial on His Instagram

Although Paul Salas and Barbie Imperial never verbally confirmed their relationship, it’s no secret that the two share a loving relationship together. Ever since that video of Paul inviting Barbie to Justin Bieber concert went viral, we have our eyes locked on this sweet couple. Soon enough, their real-life romance captured the hearts of the […]

EXCLUSIVE: JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial Attend The MEGA Millennial Ball Together

It was a celebrity frenzy last night at the MEGA Millennial Ball and among the attendees were up and coming love team #JuanBie, composed of JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial who came as each other’s dates. Apart from movie premieres, this is their first official appearance as a love team. RELATED: JM de Guzman On […]

Paul Salas on Defending Barbie Imperial: “Naging OA ako”

Paul Salas admitted that he was reprimanded by his father and his talent manager because of his tweet about reporters. Recently, Paul called out reporters for asking Barbie Imperial if Paul’s parents like her. “Sinong reporter nag tatanong kay barbie ng ganito? Sa totoo lang kung sino ka man panira ka.” Related: Paul Salas Signs With […]

JM de Guzman On Barbie Imperial: “We’re Just Friends”

JM de Guzman‘s relationship with his co-actor for Araw Gabi, Barbie Imperial, has recently been hit with rumors that it is more than just a professional and platonic relationship. RELATED: Is Barbie Imperial Single? The two actors have gotten close since the production of their TV show has started which has gotten fans to question if there […]

Is Barbie Imperial Single?

Barbie Imperial‘s current love life status is currently being questioned by fans after she posted a subtweet that could refer to Paul Salas, her boyfriend in question. RELATED: JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial Romance: Reel or Real? In the tweet Barbie says, “Baka kaya hindi tayo masaya dahil mas inuuna nating mahalin yung mga taong paulit […]