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Jameson Blake Talks About Hashtags Journal

In May 2017, the group released the Hashtags Journal, which became No. 1 at the National Bookstore’s Bestseller List for Non-Fiction in July (it is currently sold out!). The journal tells the stories of the 11 boys, from their beginnings to where they are today. It also has photos and a special slum book section […]

Ryle Paolo Tan Speaks About Hashtags Unique Traits

“What makes us different is that one, we have an everyday show,” says Ryle to Inside Showbiz Weekly. “Exposed kami everyday.” He also says that they are a versatile bunch. “We’re not just limited to dancing. ‘Yung iba sa amin, umaarte na. Meron din kaming singers. [We can] host as well. We have a lot […]

Jameson Blake Didn’t Expect New Members of Hashtags

Jameson Blake admits to Inside Showbiz Weekly that at first, they weren’t really comfortable with the idea of having new members. “11 of us is already good, and that’s already a lot,” he explains. “So when we heard there were new members, we couldn’t do anything about it kasi ‘yun yung decision ng management.” But Jameson […]

Who Among the Hashtags Members Fascinates You the Most?

One of the most popular local boy groups Hashtags has really come a long way! Composed of individually talented young members, the all-male group has been excelling in the realm of showbiz since they started in the noontime show It’s Showtime in November 2015. What makes something trend these days? More than just good looks, talents and well, and a […]

Is Jameson Blake Leaving Hashtags?

Jameson Blake stars in the new indie movie, ‘Nabubulok’, one of the nine full-length entries of the 2017 Cinemalaya film festival. The cast includes Lito Pimentel, Gina Alajar, and JC Santos. While his solo career flourishes, speculations regarding his drift from Hashtags starts to rise. On the contrary, Jameson assures that he won’t leave the group […]

Sue, Jameson, and Markus for Inside Showbiz Weekly

THEIR TIME IN THE SPOTLIGHT Sue Ramirez, Jameson Blake, and Markus Paterson You know you’ve seen them already; they are familiar faces on the television screen. Sue Ramirez was Anna in Hanggang Saan as well as Catleya in La Luna Sangre and Ligaya in Pangako Sa ‘Yo. She is also a co-host and performer on […]

Jon Lucas, Michelle Vito, and Akihiro Blanco for Inside Showbiz Weekly

A TRIPLE THREAT BERAKTHROUGH Jon Lucas, MichelleVito, and Akihiro Blanco In what seems to be a lifetime ago Jon Lucas found not only himself but also his family struggling. With the best intentions of helping his loved ones and building a better life, he found himself auditioning and setting one foot forward in the world […]

Meg Imperial To Paco Larrañaga Supporters: “Go To The Page Of Our Government”

Jacqueline Comes Home actress Meg Imperial has gotten herself a lot of heat from netizens recently because of her participation in the said film and her response to a lot of the comments thrown at her because of it and now she has recently come out with another statement to her critics that was uploaded […]

Sue Ramirez Brings Back Old School Ligawan in Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wi-Fi

Romance is still very much alive among the gadget-savvy generation. We express our emotions through emojis and GIFs, and communicate instantly through chat, but what would happen if we suddenly became allergic to technology? That’s the situation of Norma, the afflicted lead of the first full-length film from Cignal Entertainment produced with The IdeaFirst Company […]

EXCLUSIVE: Celebrities Attend The Premiere Of So Connected

The premiere of the highly anticipated film So Connected last night surely did not go unnoticed as close friends and fellow celebrities supported the movie debut of the tandem of Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake. RELATED: Jameson Blake Admits Having A Crush on Janella Salvador A number of big names came and celebrated the first of the […]