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WATCH: JuanBie’s Sweet Off-cam Bonding While Swimming

JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial made the whole Internet world gush when they posted a video of their off-cam bonding in a swimming pool. Related: JuanBie’s Araw Gabi Continues For A Second Season  JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial posted the same video with the same caption of “Happy monthsary,” as they celebrate 6 months […]

JuanBie’s Araw Gabi Continues For A Second Season

After the very positive reception of the JuanBie team up and their first project together, Araw Gabi, the love team of JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial is far from over as the second season of the daytime series starts. Related: JM de Guzman Graduates From Rehab Program  Araw Gabi is the first project of JM de Guzman for his […]

JuanBie’s Cutest Behind The Scenes Videos

As much as we love JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial‘s on-screen chemistry, we can’t deny that we also love seeing how close they are when the cameras aren’t rolling. Araw Gabi may be their first project together but it’s evident that the two actors have become closer with each other. Related: JM and Barbie: A Rising Love […]

JuanBie: A Rising Love Team No One Saw Coming

We can all agree that the pairing of 19-year-old newcomer Barbie Imperial and 29-year-old actor and musician JM de Guzman is something that no one expected. In fact, when the announcement of their pairing was made, it wasn’t warmly welcomed by a few. Some pointed out that Barbie is lacking in acting skills, fearing that […]

JuanBie for Inside Showbiz Weekly

MAKING WAVES The right time has come for JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial, JuanBie, as they embark on their biggest break in showbiz to date. It is a picture-perfect afternoon. The seawater is tranquil. The sun is not so punishing. The clouds are like light strokes painted on the bright blue sky. Everything is […]

JuanBie: Oozing with Chemistry at Inside Showbiz Cover Shoot!

Be on the lookout because JM De Guzman is back with a new serye, Precious Heart Romances, Araw Gabi. He will be paired with rising actress Barbie Imperial who is 10 years younger than him. They will be introduced as JuanBie. RELATED: JM de Guzman Pairs Up With Barbie Imperial for Araw Gabi JM de Guzman […]

JM de Guzman Serenades Barbie Imperial For Her Birthday

Despite insisting that they are just friends, JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial sure do act more than just that especially with the way that they treat each other. Fans of the #JuanBie love team went into a frenzy when photos and videos of JM de Guzman’s surprise for Barbie Imperial’s birthday went viral. RELATED: JM […]

JM de Guzman Graduates From Rehab Program

Actor JM de Guzman has always been vocal about his past struggles with substance abuse. He isn’t ashamed of his history with rehab and has always been open about his willingness to change and to stay sober ever since he made a showbiz comeback. Now that he has a successful daytime drama with leading lady […]

Paul Salas’ Parents React To Controversy Over Barbie Imperial’s Posts

Just a few days ago, young actress Barbie Imperial posted photos on her Instagram account revealing what appeared to be bruises from physical abuse. Online spectators and fans alike turned to her rumored ex-boyfriend Paul Salas as the culprit following the rumored end of their #PaulBie loveteam. RELATED: Barbie Imperial Posts Picture With Her Mother Showing […]

Which Love Team Do You Wish To Become A Real Couple?

Over the years, a number of on-screen pairs has fearlessly admitted their real feelings with each other. Starting with Nadine Lustre and James Reid in an iconic revelation of their relationship, a lot of love teams have been also vocal with their relationships. KathNiel has openly talked about their relationship and even their preferred age […]