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McCoy de Leon Gives Update on McLisse Love Team

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemates McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson were honest that they still haven’t ironed out their conflict. Although they do have a movie coming out soon, their personal relationship isn’t as strong and close as before. In fact, during the recently-held ABS-CBN Ball, they revealed that they really didn’t have any plans to meet. In an interview […]

Is #McLisse still together?

Ever since Elisse Joson’s cryptic social media posts have gone up, questions regarding the status of the McLisse love team have been raised by netizens. After the social media posts, we have seen less and less posts of Elisse and McCoy together and just recently at an event by Vivo Philippines, the two young actors […]

Is McLisse Over? McCoy de Leon Gets New Love Team Partner Charlie Dizon

Is this the end of McLisse? In a recent post by Dreamscape, the full cast of the coming MayWard serye, Honey My Love So Sweet, has been released which includes Hashtag member McCoy de Leon. A lot of people took notice how McCoy de Leon isn’t with Elisse Joson and has a new partner beside him, Charlie […]

Elisse Joson Addresses Rumors of McLisse Breakup

Following the pilot episode of Wansapanataym Ofishially Yours, Elisse Joson expressed her disappointment towards some fans who were reacting negatively just because she wasn’t paired with love team partner McCoy de Leon in the said project. Elisse stars in the Wansapanataym episode alongside BoyBandPH members Ford Valencia, Niel Murillo, Russell Reyes, Tristan Ramirez, and Joao Constancia. Related: Elisse Joson Stars […]

MayWard and McLisse Will Be Having A Hot Air Balloon Date!

The International Balloon and Music Festival 2017 will shower the skies of Lubao, Pampanga with more than 30 colorful hot air balloon flights from local and international participants again. Now on its fifth consecutive year, the event promises to be an even more fun-filled and exciting experience. Aside from the captivating hot air balloons, today’s hottest love […]

EXCLUSIVE: McLisse Gives Relationship Update!

During their second cover shoot together for Inside Showbiz Weekly, McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson talked about the current status of their relationship. McCoy didn’t hesitate to share his partner’s role in his life. “Siya ‘yung babeng princess ko. Selosa pero lovable.” Elisse, on the other hand, says of the current status of the […]

McLisse To Headline First Ever Title Movie

As one of ABS-CBN’s fastest rising love teams, McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson have been given another big break as they are set to star in their first ever title movie. The McLisse tandem will be starring in their first title film to be directed by breakthrough director JP Habac, whose most notable work […]

McLisse Wows Crowd at First Album Launch

After their highly-successful first single, If We Fall In Love, McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson took the next big step as they released their first ever album with a grand launch at SM Skydome. The tickets were immediately sold out days before, which just proves how successful they are as a love team. Related: Fans Are Raving About McLisse […]

McLisse’s Morning Routine Makes Fans Go Crazy!

Although McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson are very private about their personal relationship, sometimes, they give the fans a treat from time to time. Yesterday, McLisse gave their fans a peek of their morning routine which is sending sweet ‘good morning’ videos of each other. Related: Did Elisse Joson Just Admit In GGV That McCoy Is […]

McLisse Shares Star Magic Ball Preparations

As one of the most popular love teams of this generation, McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson are one of the celebrities people are watching out for this coming Star Magic Ball. As certified trendsetters and fashionistas, McLisse will surely slay the red carpet of one of the most anticipated events of the year. In a […]