JUST FOR FUN: If Crazy Rich Asians Had A Pinoy Remake Who Would You Cast?

  • September 7, 2018

The Crazy Rich Asians fever hit the Philippines hard! With the many references that hit close to home and, of course, the appearance of Kris Aquino in the film made sure that they movie would be a hit with us Filipinos.

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The film’s cast got many praises not only for being done right but also because everyone delivered stellar performances. Just for fun, we thought of who to cast if ever Crazy Rich Asians were based in the Philippines.

Who would you pick for the All-Filipino cast of Crazy Rich Asians?

Rachel Chu originally played by Constance Wu 

Rachel Chu, the lead character of the film, is an American of Chinese descent who is an economics professor at New York University (NYU). She is the girlfriend of Nick Young, one of the richest bachelors in Singapore.

Who Do You Think Should Play Rachel Chu?

Nick Young originally played by Henry Golding 

Rachel’s boyfriend who is originally from Singapore and hails from one of the richest families in Singapore.

Who Do You Think Should Play Nick Young?

Eleanor Young originally played by Michelle Yeoh

Nick’s controlling mother who disapproves of Rachel.

Who Do You Think Should Play Eleanor Young?

Astrid Leong

Nick’s fashionable cousin who known for her beauty, grace, and impeccable fashion sense.

Who Do You Think Should Play Astrid Leong?

Michael Teo originally played by Pierre Png

Astrid’s cheating husband.

Who Do You Think Should Play Michael Teo?

Goh Peik Lin originally played by Akwafina

Rachel’s bubbly, generous, outspoken, and fashionable old friend from college who comes from a rich Singaporean family

Who Do You Think Should Play Goh Peik Lin?

Oliver T’sien originally played by Nico Santos

Nick’s fashionable gay-second cousin.

Who Do You Think Should Play Oliver T'sien?

We’re excited to know what you guys think!