LOOK: Tyra Banks Liked Maymay Entrata’s Making MEGA Photo

  • February 1, 2018

In this time where basically everyone uses social media, likes and favorites are the new age compliments. A simple double tap on Instagram can be a big deal for someone especially when it comes to someone credible and popular. One example for this is when supermodel  Tyra Banks liked a photo of VIVO Smartphone ambassador Maymay Entrata‘s Star Magic Ball photo last September.

This happened again few days ago when the supermodel liked the first photo of Maymay’s Making MEGA in Germany.

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Over the weekend, MEGA Magazine and MEGA Man magazine changed its Instagram icons to teasers of the upcoming Making MEGA in Germany February issue. Instantly, the photos took over social media and went viral.

Maymay Entrata

Edward Barber

And after being shared millions of times, Maymay Entrata’s photo even reached the supermodel Tyra Banks again, and she even liked it on Twitter!

Aside from Tyra, netizens were also amazed at the transformation of Maymay at the newly-released Making MEGA teasers.

Even MEGA Magazine’s Creative Director Suki Salvador couldn’t help but rave over the upcoming covers which just intensified the fans’ excitement.

MayWard fans all over the world can’t wait for the covers which is slated for release this week.

Are you excited for the Making MEGA in Germany issue?

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