2018’s Most Controversial Issues

  • December 30, 2018

2018 was not a quiet year for Philippine show business. Controversies left and right came from different parts of the industry and we all saw it play out until another one came to replace it. Here’s a rundown of the noisiest issues that we’ve come across with this year!

1. PNP vs. Ang Probinsyano

Celebrities React To DILG’s Call Out To “Ang Probinsyano” For “Unfair”

Ang Probinsyano

2. Janella Salvador Accusing Elmo Magalona of Physical Abuse

Janella Salvador Breaks Silence on Alleged Physical Abuse From Elmo Magalona

Janella Salvador Exposes Abusive Relationship With Elmo Magalona

Is Pia Magalona Accusing Janella Salvador of Having Personality Disorder?

2018's Most Controversial Issues

3. JK Labajo and Darren Espanto Twitter War

UPDATED: Darren Espanto Calls Out JK Labajo For Calling Him Gay

Darren Espanto To Sue JK Labajo?

JK Labajo Speaks Up On Issue With Darren Espanto: Denies Tweeting “Gayness At Its Finest”

Darren Espanto
Darren Espanto Calls Out Karlos Labajo For Calling Him Gay

4. Gretchen Fulido vs. ABS-CBN Executives

ABS-CBN Exec Lawyer Says Gretchen Fulido’s Complaint is “Baseless”

Gretchen Fulido
Gretchen Fulido

5. Ellen Adarna vs. minor “paparazzi”

Ellen Adarna Calls Out Netizen “Paparazzi”, Netizen Replies

Mother of Ellen Adarna’s Alleged “Paparazzi” Speaks Up

Ellen Adarna To Face Child Abuse and Cybercrime Lawsuit Filed by Mother of “Paparazzi”

Ellen Adarna
Ellen Adarna Calls Out Netizen “Paparazzi”, Netizen Replies


6. Mark Bautista coming out as bisexual

Mark Bautista Comes Out as Bisexual


Mark Bautista
Mark Bautista Reveals New Challenge in Studio 7

7. Rhian Ramos accused of being a third party to JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial

Fans Accuse Rhian Ramos Of Homewrecking JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial

JM de Guzman Publicly Apologizes To Rhian Ramos

Rhian Ramos Asks JuanBie Fans To Leave Her Out of the JM-Barbie Controversy


JM de Guzman
JM de Guzman Publicly Apologies To Rhian Ramos

8. Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza dating issue

Is Arjo Atayde Dating Maine Mendoza?

Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde Together in Indonesia?

Maine Mendoza Spotted Again With Arjo Atayde at a Concert

Ria Atayde on Arjo-Maine Rumors: “He’s happy”

LOOK: More Photos of Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza’s Matchy Halloween Costumes

Sylvia Sanchez Comments On Son Arjo Atayde’s Rumored Romance With Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza Reveals She’s The Happiest She’s Ever Been

Maine Mendoza Admits To Going Out With Arjo Atayde

Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde Spotted In A Christmas Date?

Maine Mendoza

9. Loisa Andalio and Maris Racal’s friendship fallout

Is Loisa Andalio Throwing Shade To Maris Racal In Her Latest Tweet?

Sue Ramirez Sad Over Maris and Loisa Conflict

Maris Racal Explains Root of Conflict with Loisa Andalio

Loisa Andalio Admits She Misses Close Friendship with Maris Racal

Loisa Andalio

10. Robin Padilla calling out Korean PGT contestant for not being able to speak Filipino

Netizens Slam Robin Padilla for being a Racist

Robin Padilla to People Slamming Him: “Magpakamatay sila sa Koreano kung gusto nila”

Robin Padilla

11. Jameson Blake’s call out for free art work

Jameson Blake Gets Called Out By Netizens For Offering “Shout Out” In Exchange For Graphic Art

Celebrities React To Jameson Blake’s Shout Out Offer To Graphic Designers



Jameson Blake
Jameson Blake Gets Called Out By Netizens For Offering “Shout Out” In Exchange For Graphic Art

12. Joshua Garcia direct messaging with a female fan

Joshua Garcia Breaks His Silence On Alleged Private Messages With Female Fan

Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto Spotted Together Amid Breakup Rumors

Joshua Garcia Breaks Down After Admitting Relationship Problems With Julia Barretto

2018's Most Controversial Issues

13. Barbie Imperial’s alleged physically abusive relationship with Paul Salas

Was Barbie Imperial Physically Abused By Paul Salas?

Paul Salas’ Parents React To Controversy Over Barbie Imperial’s Posts

2018's Most Controversial Issues

14. Bailey May confirming the end of the “BaiLona” love team

Bailey May Confirms End of BaiLona Love Team

Ylona Garcia, Bailey May
Ylona Garcia Explains Bailey May’s Role in Her Life

15. Ruru Madrid and Bianca Umali dating issue

Are Ruru Madrid and Bianca Umali Dating?

16. Vice Ganda and Calvin Abueva dating issue

Vice Ganda and PBA Player Calvin Abueva Deny Being In a Relationship

Vice Ganda Calls Calvin Abueva “His Sunshine”

Calvin Abueva Gifts Vice Ganda With Flowers On Stage

2018's Most Controversial Issues

17. Marco Gumabao and Janella Salvador dating issue

EXCLUSIVE: Marco Gumabao Clarifies “Date”

Marco Gumabao Says He Apologized To Elmo Magalona After Dating Rumors Involving Janella Salvador

2018’s Most Controversial Issues

Which local showbiz controversy rocked your world this year?

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