EXCLUSIVE: 3 Major Requirements of Benjamin Alves in Doing Sexy Scenes

  • April 5, 2016

At the press event of Blue Water Day Spa at Luxent Hotel today, April 05, one of their ambassadors Benjamin Alves disclosed that it’s not easy for him to accept daring roles.

The actor admitted that he has requirements before he jumps into a project that demands him to do intimate scenes.

1.) The Script. It has to be a good role. It has to be a good script. The role has to be… may reason kung bait may ma eksenang ganon, the intimate scenes. There (should be) a reason for it. That and…

2.) I have the trust of the director. Na we have a meeting beforehand, that we know how far we can go. So that when we get to the set hindi na sya you’re being asked to do things that are surprise to you na ‘we never talked about that.’

3.) The most important is really the trust.

Watch our exclusive interview with Benjamin Alves below!


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