4 Charismatic Young Actor-Singers. Who’s your #1?

  • August 23, 2016

Your good looks aren’t enough if you are dreaming of a career in the limelight. You need to have exceptional talents that can make you standout among other aspirants.

Just like today’s showbiz crushes Alden Richards, Daniel PadillaElmo Magalona, and  James Reid. These dudes don’t just market their captivating charm, but they also rule the industry with their talent in music. They are the so called actor-singers that occupy their own respected lane in showbiz.

1. Alden Richards

Who would’ve thought that this adorable tisoy guy with dimples can capture (not just Maine Mendoza’s) but every woman’s heart? Both of his acting and singing skills make him one heck of a heartthrob!


2. Daniel Padilla

“Na sa’yo na ang lahat,” indeed, Daniel! He got the looks, the talent, and Kathryn Bernardo. Before pursuing a career in showbiz, Daniel used to be in a band as a bass guitarist. One of his favorite international bands is Red Hot Chili Peppers.


3. Elmo Magalona

It is no surprise that Elmo is pursuing a singing career alongside acting. Through his own music, the young actor-singer continues the legacy of his father Francis Magalona — the country’s legendary ‘Master Rapper.’


4. James Reid

What a lucky girlfriend Nadine Lustre is, right? James definitely knows how to be effortlessly cool. He’s an amazing actor that can make everyone feel kilig, while his songs and dance moves can automatically make you one of his admirers. james-reidIt’s safe to say that these talented young gentlemen can command an audience with both their voices and dramatic acting skills. So which young star has proved themselves in both music and television screen?

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