4 Reasons Why So Connected Is Not Your Average Millennial Movie

  • May 29, 2018

Jason Paul Laxamana’s newest film So Connected was an undeniable hit with both fans and the general public at its premiere on May 22. Starring Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake, the first-time tandem took on the roles of two teenagers who found themselves in an unlikely love story after Karter (Blake) begins using a cloud-based photo app to spy on his phone’s thief (Salvador) through the photos she uploads and unknowingly syncs to his Storebox account.

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As the director’s passion project, the movie was definitely no ordinary romantic comedy. Here are four reasons why we think you shouldn’t miss this local masterpiece:

The characters were realistic

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Karter and Trisha were unfiltered representations of how being human means becoming a mix of both your best and worst habits, and these two characters show that growing up means learning we can’t always be picture perfect.

It left an important lesson about social media

What you see online is only as real as your interpretation. Karter and Trisha’s personal experiences with unintentionally going viral online teaches us that knowing one side of a story doesn’t make the other any less real or important. 

It used technology as a medium for storytelling

While most movies show the evolution of a couple through real-life interactions, So Connected used Trisha’s pictures and videos on the Storebox app to reveal her personality to both Karter and the audience.

It mixed modernity and traditional

Social media gave way to a fast-paced love story between Karter and Trisha, but having the film set in the province allowed the couple to experience a more down-to-Earth and intimate kind of romance.

So Connected is still showing in cinemas. What was your favorite part?

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