Six Things We’re Excited About For Revolution, the 2018 Jadine Concert

  • February 8, 2018

It’s only one day to go before the Jadine Revolution concert and to say that we’re excited is an understatement! What sets this love team apart is that they’re the “multimedia love team”—they can act, sing, dance (and even compose, direct, and design!). Two years ago, this multi-talented love team filled up the Araneta Coliseum during their successful concert titled Jadine in Love, with a whopping 15,000 fans all cheering and singing along to the couple. This time, we can’t wait for what’s in store, but we’re sure Revolution will be just as epic, if not more!

Based on the posters and even the way Jadine posed and looked in them (the fierce looks on their faces, the mostly black outfits, the boots, etc.) this concert  seems to be edgier and more mature. Here at Inside Showbiz, we made a list of the things we’re excited about and added in some things in our wish list for Revolution. Here’s what we came up with:

  1. James and Nadine performing their new songs and singing and dancing their hearts out.

Jadine has said previously in their press con for Revolution that the songs and dance numbers for this concert will be more personal because if before, they performed mostly covers or songs from their teleseryes, this time they’ll be performing songs that they’ve composed and sang. James will be performing from his third album, Palm Dreams, which has been praised by critics and fans alike. We’re also excited for Nadine to perform her new song, St4y Up.

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  1. Nadine having done some of the production design.

To add to the personal touch of the concert, Nadine herself will be lending a hand to the show’s visuals. The singer-actress has always been artistic as seen from her Instagram photos and how she shot and edited her video with James of the song, “Always.” Nadine has since then shown more of her professional behind-the-scenes work, having directed James’ music video for his single, “The Life.” For Revolution concert, Nadine will be helping direct the visuals, together with Director Paul Basinillo. While she worked with Direk Paul, Nadine said that she was the one who mostly directed it! We can’t wait to see the videos and other visuals that this talented girl came up with tomorrow.

  1. The all-star line-up of guests.

Vice Ganda, Sarah Geronimo, Sam Concepcion, Kiana Vee, Bret Jackson are all part of the powerhouse guest list. Nadine has mentioned that she will be having a “bonggang” collaboration with Sarah G. One can recall that Nadine used to be a back up dancer for Sarah as one of the Pop Girls. It’ll be surreal to see these two concert queens finally perform a number together.

We’re also looking forward to Vice’s brand of comedy, which had OTWOListas (fans of On the Wings of Love) laughing out loud during the first concert. And for sure, Sam, Kiana, and Bret, who are all part of Jadine’s squad, will be delivering top-notch performances being the amazing dancers and singers that they are.

  1. Jadine possibly doing one of their interpretive dance numbers?

One of the things we enjoyed in the first Jadine concert in Araneta were the interpretative dance numbers that Jadine performed. This was also what set them apart from other love teams and also part of why many fell for this love team! These numbers showed how talented, graceful, connected, and even how sensual they are as a couple.  Some of the covers we enjoyed that they did before included “Love Me Like You Do” and of course, “On the Wings of Love.” We sincerely hope that there will still be numbers like this in Revolution.

  1. A preview of their new film, “Never Not Love You”?

The preview of the new Jadine film,“Never Not Love You,” was shown during the premiere night of “Meet Me at St. Gallen” and it received praise from bloggers, celebrities, and fans alike. We’ve heard that the preview showed how natural Jadine could be in their harutan while James was giving Nadine a tattoo, and also had some of Jadine’s most epic kissing scenes ever. Hopefully Jadine will treat their fans that showed their love by going all the way to the concert, and give them a preview of more scenes from the movie! Part of our wish list is that they show some of the scenes they shot in London and hopefully release the movie’s showing date? Keeping our fingers crossed!

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  1. If Jadine will have any surprises such as their mind-blowing confession during their first concert.

Who can forget that epic moment two years ago, February 20, 2016, at the very end of Jadine in Love at Araneta Coliseum? All the performances had ended, the lights had dimmed, and for a moment, the fans thought that the concert was over. But Jadine was still on stage, in the very middle with the spotlight on them.  James was looking at Nadine while still holding his mic. He was smiling and holding her hand. Then slowly, carefully, the words came out of his mouth. “Nadine, I…love you.” Nadine couldn’t help but look kilig and happy and all the Jadine fans were shrieking out of happiness. It was a surreal, glorious moment for the fans, the moment that their favorite love team admitted that they had gone from reel to Team Real.

Now that it’s Jadine’s second major concert in the same venue, and on almost the same day as their anniversary (the moment they became a couple was on February 11, when they first said I love you at Barcino), we wonder if they’ll be having any major announcements? Here’s hoping that there’s one!


Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad

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