5 Famous Celebrity-Doppelganger Duos

  • November 14, 2016

These young women are unique in their own ways; they have different set of skills, taste in fashion, likes and dislikes, and most especially, they are from different blood lines. But despite all the disparities, these showbiz stars have something in common—their facial features!

1. Elisse Joson and Mayton Eugenio
elisse-inside-artElisse Joson and Mayton Eugenio are both rising celebrities from different talent managements. Elisse is one of Star Magic’s promising sweethearts, while Mayton is under the roof of Viva Artist Agency, Inc. They are regular performers in ABS-CBN’s Sunday variety show ASAP where they showcase their skills in performing arts.

On their Instagram photos, it cannot be denied that Elisse and Mayton have resemblance. Their eyes, lips, nose, face shape, and sometimes even their hairstyles. It feels a little creepy that we’re looking at two different girls with almost the same facial features!

2. Kate Valdez and Liza Soberanoliza-inside-artLiza Soberano has been in showbiz for years now, while Kate Valdez—a newbie handled by GMA Artist Center—has just started her career in the limelight. The similarities between the two gorgeous celebrities were noticed by many TV viewers when Kate kicked off her acting stint in GMA’s fantasy series Encantadia. Since Kate is frequently seen on television, a lot of fans are confirming that she does look like Liza—her eyes, nose, and bungisngis smile which is Liza’s signature trait.

3. Kate Valdez and Maxine Medinamaxine-inside-artAside from looking a bit like Liza, Kate also resembles the beauty of Miss Universe – Philippines Maxine Medina. Kate and Maxine have the same face shape—their sharp and attractive jawline can definitely be considered their best asset.

4. Rita Gaviola and Ylona Garciaylona-inside-artMorena beauty wins for Ylona Garcia and Rita Gaviola. These girls are not related at all, but their beauties make us wonder if they are from the same root—their complexion, rounded eyes, pointed noise, and lovely smiles make them look like their twins! Both of them are former Pinoy Big Brother housemates and have the same dream in making it big in the limelight.

5. Nadine Lustre and Kathryn Bernardokathryn-inside-artThis isn’t a hot news anymore for all showbiz enthusiasts, but from being child stars to superstars, these ladies have proven that they are both successful today because of their promising beauties. There have been lots of arguments between fandoms about this, but it cannot be denied that Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre look a little alike. Their rounded face and stunning smiles make them look like sisters—or cousins.

They don’t just look a lil’ bit like each other, but both of them are also slayers in the realm of local showbiz and loved by millions of fans all over the world.

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