5 Reasons Why Daniel Padilla Is This Generation’s Dream Guy

  • April 27, 2018

Out of all the fine young men of local showbiz, no one can deny Daniel Padilla‘s exquisite charm and the aura of mystery that he has that keep people wanting more. Ever since he graced our television screens in 2010, he has become a household name and has been labelled as Philippine showbiz’ Teen King.

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While we’re all aware that he is obviously already taken by his love team partner and girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo, girls all over the country can’t help but still dream of their own Daniel, and honestly, we can’t blame them! Daniel really is a good catch and definitely the kind of guy you would want to bring home and introduce to your parents.

For his 23rd birthday, we list down reasons why we think every girl wants their own Daniel Padilla:

He’s cool and mysterious

Tikman .

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He’s fashionable

He’s a talented actor and singer

He’s a family man

He’s a sweet and proud boyfriend

Love buzz

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Happy birthday, Daniel!

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