5 Reasons Why James Reid Is A Showbiz Gem

  • May 11, 2018

Ever since he graced our television screens back in 2010 as a housemate of Pinoy Big Brother, we haven’t taken our eyes off from James Reid. Today, he’s one of the biggest stars of this generation and it’s really no wonder why: he has the looks, the talents, and most importantly, passion and dedication.

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Aside from being just a remarkable actor, James has always refused to go with the flow and do his own thing instead, making him a true gem of this entertainment industry.

Here are some reasons why he is certainly a game changer in the showbiz industry.

He writes his own songs 

He started his own music label and produced his own music

He’s not afraid to speak up and fight for his loved ones

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He’s an all-out performer

He’s real

Here’s to even better years ahead! Happy 25th birthday, James.

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