5 Reasons Why MayWard Love Team Will Last

  • July 11, 2017

Two of the youngest and most popular young celebrities of this generation Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber just celebrated their 11th monthsary. It is known worldwide that this monthly celebration only happens between two lovers in real life. It’s a great opportunity to appreciate a special someone by showing extra efforts like taking them out on a romantic date or giving them gifts. Mushy as it may sound, but this cliche occasion transpires in different love teams in local showbiz, even though the artists are not in an actual relationship.

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Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are two of the most famous onscreen sweethearts who religiously celebrate monthsary, and now, we’ve noticed that Maymay and Edward are also counting the days and making noise every month. To celebrate with their loyal fans, we’ve listed five reasons why we think MayWard will last long in showbiz as a love team:

1.) They are genuine

Most of you will probably agree that both Maymay and Edward have genuine personalities, and we’ve all seen it during their stay in the PBB house. We’re confident that these two young stars will always keep their feet on the ground and will never be blinded by fame.

2.) They love what they do

They don’t just verbalize that they’re passionate with what they do, they show it. They put their hearts in every single thing they do—be in acting, singing, or even just in their regular interviews. The fans can feel and see that Maymay and Edward truly value their professions.

3.) They are multi-talented

Maymay and Edward shouldn’t be characterized as teenagers who spread themselves too thin. They exercise and hone multiple skills because they naturally have it in them, not because they want to conquer multiple fields. They act, perform, and make people laugh because they love it and they’re good at it.

4.) They are not clingy

They respect each other’s individuality. Maymay and Edward are significantly effective as a pair, but they don’t always cling to each other just to please everyone. Just like any other real-life couples, MayWard also give themselves alone time.

5.) They take care of each other

Maymay and Edward sincerely value their growing friendship. Whatever it is behind their unparalleled closeness, we’re excited to see where it will take them.

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  • Love mayward….there so simple….goodheart and very respectful they always trust God thats why i really like them

  • I have to say that I agree with everything in this article. Whatever the future lies for them, I do believe that all will be better for these two kind souls. Maymay, as what we have seen in PBB, is the most liked housemate among all of them. Its because they have seen her true personality, a kind, happy to be with & to be close with. Aside from that, she never fails to surprise us with her transformations, that’s why she gains a lot of fans. Edward, a handsome, intelligent, whitty young man with a pure heart of a gentleman. Many fell in love with him because of these characteristics. This tandem will truly last because they are best friends, they support & help each other. Even their families support the two of them. Most of all, they have fans who will support them through thick and thin because these two individual love their fans back.

  • This has been one of the best articles I’ve read so far about MayWard. Thanks for posting this. You have been on point in describing MayWard though I think that there are even more reasons why this love team will last in this industry. I think AlDub is a phenomenal love team while KathNiel is the the original and first successful love team of this generation but I believe MayWard is the next phenomenal love team having gained popularity and massive following in such a short time with a fan base that runs across all ages. It’s also a love team that a tv network’s management did not create but a love team that the viewers have created themselves after having witnessed the spark that ignited the moment they met and the undeniable chemistry and strong bond this couple has that seems to grow even more with each passing day. It’s phenomenal, indeed.

  • Thank you Inside showbiz
    Nakaka fat po ng heart yung sinulat
    Nyo. Ang sarap ulit uliting basahin.

  • Ang Ganda article lahat totoo. Kaya nagustuhan sila mismo comfortable sa isat isa at friendship lalo malalim Di kailangan pa cute or clingy ano nakita sa pbb at paglabas Ganun Talaga sila.