6 Things We Love About JoshLia’s #ILoveYouHater

  • July 11, 2018

#JoshLia fans rejoice! Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto are back on the big-screen with another sure hit at the box office. The top love team stars in Giselle Andres‘ I Love You Hater starring Barretto as Zoey, an ambitious young woman who will stop at nothing to be the Assistant of Social Media Empress Sasha, played by Kris Aquino, but has to compete for the job with Garcia’s character, Joko, a young man who is in desperate need of a job for his family and ends up pretending to be gay in order to have a fighting chance to get it.

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I Love You, Hater is poised to be the biggest #JoshLia film yet and we are giving you seven reasons why we know it will be.

The movie is overflowing with the signature #JoshLia magic

Kilig is just one of the many feelings that you will be experiencing while watching I Love You, Hater. Joshua and Julia bring life to the love story of their characters Zoey and Joko so well that you will be invested with them from the very first scene. Every look that they give each other in the movie and every line delivered to each other in every scene that they’re together carries so much sincerity that it shows how much both of them have evolved as actors.

It offers more than just a love story between two people

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While we do love a great love story, what made the movie stand out for us is the deep plot that involves both Zoey and Joko’s stories with their families. Direk Giselle Andres is able to make audiences empathize more with the pair as she perfectly shows where Zoey and Joko are coming from in terms of purpose.

Kris Aquino adds the perfect amount of comedy and drama to the movie

The Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino adds flare to the movie as she plays Social Media Empress, Sasha. While we see Kris play a character that is close to who she really is in real life, she brings her A-game in scenes that won’t leave a dry eye in the cinema.

Joshua Garcia’s portrayal of a man pretending to be a gay man

It is one thing to play a gay character but it is another to play a straight man pretending to be gay. It takes a special mix of switching back and forth from feminine and masculine mannerisms and Joshua did an excellent job making Joko seem like a fabulous gay man to the world of Sasha Imperial (Aquino).

Julia Barretto’s powerful performance 

Julia has come a long way in terms of her craft and audiences will definitely notice how well she has grown as an actress as she is not only able to execute a character well but is also able to take her audience through the emotions that her character is going through in every single scene. Julia is able to humanize Zoey in such a way that she is relatable to almost anyone.

It has a great lesson on staying true

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More than the butterflies and the tears, audiences will get so much more in terms of lessons from I Love You, Hater as the movie highlights the importance of staying true to one’s self no matter how convenient it may be to lie when things get hard.

I Love You, Hater is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

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