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CONFIRMED: Daniel Matsunaga Is Dating Again!

It’s been eight months since model-actor Daniel Matsunaga called it quits with actress Erich Gonzales. Daniel has been quiet and low-key since then, but now, he’s ready to speak up again and share details of his personal life. Related: Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga Still Not Talking After Break-Up  Although many people have expressed sadness about […]

Arci Munoz and Daniel Matsunaga Together In Italy

Rumored couple Daniel Matsunaga and Arci Munoz, who are now being paired up and called DaRci were spotted enjoying the streets of Italy together. In an interview, Arci Munoz shut down the rumors of them being together and revealed that she’s dating a non-showbiz friend and that she and Daniel are just good friends. A post shared […]

Daniel Matsunaga Says He’s Only Friends with Arci Munoz

After break up with long time girlfriend, Erich Gonzalez, Daniel Matsunaga’s name has been linked to a new girl: Arci Munoz. In an exclusive interview, Daniel Matsunaga said that they’re just friends, as of now. DarCi at @asapofficial #DanielMatsunaga #TeamDaniel #TeamMatsunaga #SolidDaniel #Since2012 A post shared by Team Matsunaga (@dmatsunagafans) on May 24, 2017 at […]

Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga Still Not Talking After Break-Up

After being a couple for two years, Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga decided to call it quits three months ago. Many have been hoping for them to rekindle their relationship, but with Daniel’s recent revelation, the possibility seems unlikely. Read more: Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga Breakup A post shared by Erika Chryselle (@erichthesecond) on Feb 26, […]

WATCH: Daniel Matsunaga Brought To Hospital After Failed Backflip

Stars may look effortless and so put together whenever they’re performing, but before that, a rigorous series of rehearsals happen back stage first. And in those rehearsals, unfortunate things may happen, just like what Daniel Matsunaga recently went through during his practice for ABS-CBN ‘I Can Do That’ game show. Watch the video below: A […]

Are You Affected by Erich Gonzales – Daniel Matsunaga Breakup?

Erich Gonzales finally broke her silence after weeks of being mum about the real status of her relationship with Daniel Matsunaga—and what she said is not what everyone has expected. “For a change. Fresh start, new beginnings,” said Erich about her new shoulder-length hairstyle (which is far from her previous mid-back hair length) when she […]

Daniel Matsunaga: No marriage proposal in Paris

Celebrity couple, Daniel Matsunaga & Erich Gonzales, recently went to Paris and Amsterdam. The romantic trip of the lovers made the people speculate that Daniel already proposed to the Kapamilya actress. But the actor-model said that no proposal happened during their vacation. Deux coeurs dans l’amour doivent pas de mots ♥️ #cityoflove A photo posted by […]

It’s Confirmed: Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzales Are in a Relationship!

The Brazilian-Japanese model confirmed his relationship with the Kapamilya actress via a comment on Instagram. Following the #DanRich on May 7, a fan (@anlizbej78) posted a collage of Erich and Daniel when another fan (@vanessapianera) wrote a comment tagging the model, asking about the status of their relationship in which Daniel replied with a ‘yes’. […]

Daniel Matsunaga Not The Cause of Erich Gonzales’ Breakup with Non-Showbiz Ex: Agree or Disagree?

After Erich’s breakup with her non-showbiz boyfriend, netizens started speculating that it was Daniel Matsunaga who caused the split up, but the Japanese-Brazilian actor denied it. On April 30, 2015, the media was able to get word from Daniel in Boracay during the #MyNesteaBeach Plunge Party.  He said that it was not his fault that […]

Are Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga together?

In the primetime talk show Aquino and Abunda Tonight last April 23, 2015, Erich Gonzales confirmed in an interview with Kris Aquino that she has ended her relationship with her 4-year non-showbiz boyfriend, and also denied the rumors that she was engaged with him. When Erich Gonzales made this revelation, the fans can’t help but to speculate […]