Why AC Bonifacio is PH’s Newest Dance Princess

  • February 26, 2018

Surely, AC Bonifacio is one of the people who can make one say, “gosh why am I not her?”. Because at 12, she was already able to dance at The Ellen Show and also dance for Ariana Grande (who wouldn’t be totally jealous of that?) and after a few years, is now one of the country’s most talented teens but before AC began being one of the most talked about and trending YouTube cover dancers here in the Philippines, she had a very amazing journey which all led to her to where she is now and it is all because of her explosive talent. So, here’s a recap of everything she’s done that made everybody proud (and ok, low-key envious) of her, giving her her rightful throne as one of the country’s newest dance princess.

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1. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she alongside the other half of “Lucky Aces” Reyond “Lucky” Archeta were first known to everybody when they were invited to dance and perform at non other than, The Ellen Show. Because of their pure talent and killer dance moves, Ellen and the crowd were really hyped up. Filipino power represent!

2. The due of 12 year-old of hip-hop dancers were soon given the chance to dance for Ariana Grande during her Honeymoon Tour concert at Vancouver. They danced to Love Me Harder, a song by Ariana Grande and The Weeknd.

3. In 2015, they also joined ABS-CBN’s dance competition, Dance Kids where they wowed judges like G-Force choreographer, Teacher Georcelle, resident dancer Vhong Navarro and Sir Andy.

4. They were also part of the dancers in the dance movie Step Up: All In, where AC is wearing a white dress and Lucky was wearing a tux.

5. After Dance Kids, AC was one of the few selected and lucky teen stars that represented the country in the international talent search Now United who was aiming to form the world’s next girl or boy group.

6. Just last year, she also showed her lit dance moves at the 2017 World Supremacy Battlegrounds at Australia.

7. Now, she has her YouTube account with a whopping 425k following which is honestly, so little to what she actually deserves because she is super talented. She now has a thread of BTS cover dance videos that are going viral because of how she aces a lot of the group’s main dancer, J-Hope’s moves. Fans of the group, the BTS ARMY have actually been commenting how proud J-Hope could be if ever he could watch her covers and that she should try auditioning for a Korean talent agency.

She also does collaborations with famous dance YouTubers like Matt Stefanina and Kenneth San Jose, two among all those she has collaborated with.

If one were to list all of what she has been able to do despite her young age, the list would be so long and seemingly unending. Needless to say, AC is one of the country’s newest dance princesses that everyone should continue to keep an eye on because by the looks of it, this girl will never stop growing and improving and if she is already this amazing now, wait till she gets older.

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