AlDub Fans Celebrate Three Years of Maine and Alden Team Up

  • July 16, 2018

If there’s one love team who really took the country by storm, it will most definitely be AlDub. We can still remember how sudden the team up of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza was formed, and how phenomenal the whole thing is. Whether you’re a fan or not, no one can deny how big  their love team is especially when everyone was anticipating the first time they meet face to face.

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Now, it has been three years since that fateful day in Kalyeserye when Maine’s simple smile at the the sight of Alden changed their lives for the best. Currently, they are still one of the most powerful love teams of the country and even though it has been a while since they starred in a serye and movie together, their fans are still as loyal as they were in day one.

As of writing, the hashtag #AlDub3Years has reached Here are some of the biggest AlDub fans celebrating the third anniversary of their favorite love team.

Happy anniversary, AlDub!

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