Alex Diaz Calls Nadine Lustre’s Bashers ‘Idiots’

  • October 16, 2017

One of JaDine‘s closest friends, Alexander Diaz, expressed his anger and frustrations on his Twitter account about online bashers who have been criticizing his actions the past few days. He totally lost his cool when people couldn’t stop judging and scrutinizing him and his friends Nadine Lustre and James Reid. It all started when sister of James, Lauren, posted a video of them in a gym session headed by Alex on the first day of Nadine’s brother’s wake last week.

Isaiah Lustre, Nadine’s 16-year-old brother, was found lifeless in their family’s home on October 08 according to the Quezon City police.

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The gym video of their group didn’t sit well with some of the netizens online, with bashers saying that Nadine should be focusing on her grieving family instead of working out with friends. Nadine’s supporters, on the other hand, are saying that it’s her way of dealing with pain. One of her fans defended her and explained that “Nadine is showing everyone to #keepgoing even if it’s painful. Working out is a way to release stress and pain. And being with friends helps.”

The snide, insulting endless remarks to Nadine got into Alex’s nerves. He then expressed his annoyance on Twitter and even called the bashers ‘Idiots’ out of rage.

He continued with a series of Tweets pertaining to his dear friend Nadine:

After defending his friend and venting out all of his thoughts, many JaDine fans agreed to Alex and showered him with support and uplifting messages, thanking him for being “a great support system” to Nadine.

We cannot deny the fact that the lives of our favorite celebrities are almost 100% exposed to the public. It’s part of their job to be of great public interest. But let’s not forget that they are regular people, too, who are also entitled to cry for respect and privacy. As Alex says, their personal lives are “none of your business.”

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