All The Times Angelica Panganiban Talked About Carlo Aquino on GGV

  • March 19, 2019

It seems like the CarGel love story has come to an end with no signs of a re-write anytime soon. In her recent guesting on Gandang Gabi Vice, Angelica Panganiban subjected herself to the blunt questions of host Vice Ganda regarding her past relationship with Carlo Aquino.

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Throughout the whole episode, Angelica would once in a while open up about the relationship that she shared with Carlo depending on Vice’s questions. Here are all of the times that Angelica spoke about her ex-boyfriend and the relationship that they shared on the episode.

1. Angelica’s cryptic tweet

During the first segment of the show, Vice brought up three cryptic tweets that Angelica wrote. While Angelica spoke about a time where she rejoiced about feeling pain again because it meant that she is able to feel again when they discussed her first cryptic tweet, the actress did not name the certain person that did cause her the said emotion. The third tweet that was discussed read, “Kapag natapos ang Playhouse. Pwede bang suportahan niyo ako sa pag mmove on? Sa tatlong naka relasyon kosure akong dito ako matatagalan maka move on.”

Angelica said that all she wanted to convey with this tweet was that she will surely have a hard time moving on when her current teleserye Playhouse ends because she has grown really close to everyone who is involved in the project. Vice asked Angelica, “So tanggap mo ng tapos na talaga?” To which she replied, “Kailangan mong tanggapin ang mga bagay na tapos na.”  The actress also clarified that she was pertaining to John Lloyd Cruz, Derek Ramsay, and Carlo Aquino when she wrote “Sa tatlong naka relasyon ko.”

Vice then suggested that there might be a continuation to the story, a vague statement that might have been about Playhouse or Angelica’s past relationships. The comedian suggested, “Pero malay mo may part two!” To which Angelica replied, “Ayoko. Pagka tapos na, tapos na.

2. The true reason why Angelica unfollowed Carlo on Instagram 

The third segment of the episode was another question and answer portion but with a twist. The segment was entitled “Shot or Question” where each Vice could ask Angelica anything and if she refuses to answer the question, she would have to take one of the shots that were laid out. The variety of shots included liquid substances such as hot sauce, amplaya shake, apple cider vinegar, etc.

Vice then proceed to ask Angelica the reason why she unfollowed Carlo on Instagram. “May nag-comment sakin, nag-lagay ako ng picture at nilagay ko [sa caption] na Love yourself.” Tapos may nag-comment na sinasabi niya na, ‘ Bakit mo sinasabing love yourself? Ang dami tuloy nagsasabi na totoo yung chismis na may girlfriend si Carlo. Bakit hindi niyo ito i-settle na mature kayong mga tao, ganyan. Genuine ba talaga yung ipinakita mo sakanya? Etc, etc. So medyo naapektuhan ako dahil anong alam niya sa mga genuine, yung meron sa mga ipinakita ko. So na-offend ako and ipinagtanggol ko and ayon so parang sige, ganito nalang, ayoko nalang ma-associate sa inyo. Ako pala yung nakakapagbigay ng hindi magandang image sakanya. So inunfollow ko siya.”

The comedian then asked if it was easy for Angelica to unfollow Carlo to which the actress said “yes”. The actress also added that Carlo did not get mad when she unfollowed her but answered, “No,” when Vice asked if she and the actor are still friends now.

3. Angelica would still choose to be stuck in an elevator with Carlo over John Lloyd Cruz and Derek Ramsay

Still during the Shot or Answer segment, Vice asked Angelica who would she be rather stuck in an elevator with among her three exes. After pausing for a second to think, Angelica answered, “Carlo.”

Vice then proceeded to ask Angelica why to which the actress said, “Wala langmas ayaw ko naman yung dalawa.

4. Angelica said she was never in love with Carlo during the second time around 

On the episode’s last segment entitled “Kuryentanong“, Angelica was subjected to answer questions from her friends in the industry via video to which she had to answer while having her hand over a lie detector that will slightly electrocute her if it senses that she’s lying.

Angelica received a question from her long-time friend John Pratts where he inquired if the actress was really in love with Carlo to which she answered, “Hindi.

Upon pressing the lie detector, Angelica let out a playful scream which signified that she got electrocuted. The actress did not comment any further even with Vice playfully pressing the topic.

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