Andre Brouillette Confesses Feelings For Lou Yanong Over Romantic Dinner

  • February 21, 2019

Another love story is brewing inside the Pinoy Big Brother house! Housemate Andre Brouillette finally admitted his feelings for fellow housemate Lou Yanong. The confession happened in a very romantic dinner organized by Andre.

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Over the dinner date, Andre gave Lou a stuffed toy and wrote her a story about a guy who liked a princess. “She was special in many ways. He loves her playful sense of humor and her care for her loved ones. In many ways, he reminded him a lot about himself,”

Andre Brouillette Lou Yanong


Andre continued: “I just want to be honest. I just want to tell you, that Lou, I really, really like you. And it’s been making me act a whole lot different lately. You’re special. And I mean that. I’ve never met anyone like you,”

Andre Brouillette confessed his feelings for Lou Yanong

Lou, who was surprised and almost teary-eyed by the confession, admitted that she likes him too. “My heart is just so full right now. I like you too,”

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