Angel Locsin defends Luis Manzano from a netizen

  • February 12, 2016

“I won’t tolerate anyone lambasting him on my page… whether we’re together or not.” replied Angel Locsin two days ago to an Instagram comment from an online basher, defending Luis Manzano despite the issues about their relationship being on the rocks.

On Angel’s Instagram account, a follower of her (@guillermaperalta) called Luis Manzano a “silahis” two days ago.

Apparently irritated, Angel responded, “Pakituro po sa akin kung sino nagsabi nang masapok ko ho ng todo.”

Angel reply

But the netizen immediately apologized, adding that she has just read the issue and she doesn’t like Luis for Angel. ““Basta ang opinion ko ayaw ko siya [para] sa‘yo kasi napakabait mo. Idol na idol kita. Pag nasasaktan ka, nayayamot din ako.”

Netizen reply

Angel Locsin accepted the apology and politely reminded the fan to not to throw out assertions without basis.

“Thank you for understanding po.”

Angel reply 2


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