Anne Curtis and Gabbi Garcia Share Their Deepest Insecurities

  • September 12, 2018

They might come from different networks but there are a lot more in common about Gabbi Garcia and Anne Curtis than you might think. They are definitely today’s two television darlings but Gabbi and Anne first have to overcome difficulties and struggles before reaching the top of their game.

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Pantene’s #StrongerNow is a collection of stories of struggles and triumphs of Filipinas in all walks of life. As much as we adore them now, even the biggest celebrities like Anne Curtis and Gabbi Garcia were once doubted and criticized but never backed down– which brought them to where they are now.

Anne shared that she was insecure when she first started showbiz. As a foreign-looking little girl who could barely speak Tagalog, making it to showbiz was definitely a struggle for Anne. The country’s sweetheart shared: “It was a slow climb to achieve my dream but with patience and willingness to learn and speak Tagalog, directors and producers started noticing that I was improving in my own craft,” Just recently, Anne had a majorly successful and sold out concert in Araneta Coliseum, despite some people telling her that she isn’t a singer.

Another woman in the industry who had to endure a lot of challenges is Gabbi Garcia. According to the Kapuso star, she was used to getting called “regular-looking”. Gabbi shares, “I was so insecure with all the other girls, but I tried to hide it. Eventually, it came to a point where I started to question my worth,” Thankfully, Gabbi is stronger now and loves her self more which all paid off. From being an insecure girl, she is now a global endorser for Pantene.

How about you? What’s your #StrongerNow story?

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