Are Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson Dating?

  • April 17, 2019

Netizens are abuzz with dating rumors between Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson after a video of them being spotted together having dinner went viral.

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A Twitter user with the username @wonderlost16 spotted Janella Salvador and Markus Patterson having dinner together with the latter’s family and posted a video of it on her account.

Janella Salvador

Neither Markus nor Janella have commented on the said video as of writing.

Do you ship Markus and Janella together?

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  • As per the dinner date of Janella with Markus’ family is concerned ~ No Guy/Gal would introduce/meet his/her family if “There’s Nothing Going On With Janella & Markus or Marco Gumabao for the leaked video”.

    In the case of Janella ~ I just hope she starts telling the “Real Truth” in all of the issues related to her or her co-artists coz’ her LIES are so Enormous and have lots of loopholes.

    Every ISSUES that she opens up to the public to Humiliate someone or Deny an existing relationship with a guy Always BACKFIRES at HER Credibilty & Honesty as an Individual.

  • Hope that Mr.Paterson is doing the gentleman way of courting(if that’s the case) Ms.Salvador. I am an avid fan of Janella. I prayed, though she’s really smart.. she learned from the past and Love herself first.
    Mr.Paterson though, most fans said he is a playboy and very sweet to ladies like Ylona G and Heaven P. Hope his intention is good. Just good😊


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