Arjo Atayde Had No Hand In Maine Mendoza’s Admission Of Their Relationship

  • March 14, 2019

Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza broke the internet last March 3 when they both posted on their social media accounts to confirm to everyone that they are indeed exclusively dating. Arjo posted a photo of the two of them on his Instagram account while Maine blatantly shared their dating status on her personal blog page. While both their posts went up at almost the same time, Arjo admitted that he did not ask Maine to confirm their relationship on her blog and that it was completely her choice to do so.

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During the press conference of Bagman, Arjo’s latest iWant series, the actor entertained some questions regarding him and Maine. The actor didn’t hide his joy when he was asked how he felt about Maine’s admission about their current status. “Masaya po ako. I’m very, very, very happy,” shared Arjo.

Arjo Atayde
Arjo Atayde Had No Hand In Maine Mendoza’s Admission Of Their Relationship

When asked if he knew that Maine was going to reveal their status on her personal blog, the actor calmly denied. “Nope. I think that’s her decision. I didn’t tell her anything,” shared Arjo.

The members of the press and media continued to ask more about the new couple to which the actor collectively answered by saying, “We’re exclusively dating. Dun lang po muna.”

It took a while for Maine and Arjo to get to this point where they could comfortably talk about their relationship to the press but we’re glad that they’re more open about it now!

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