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  • October 9, 2018


Bailey May

Words by Rosy Mina | Photography by Yukie Sarto | Art Direction by Nix Villaruel | Sittings Editor Vani Altomonte

Three years ago, former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate Bailey May would wake up early in the morning and would sometimes head to the swimming pool in his condominium. He would then go about his day fulfilling showbiz commitments such as taping, doing variety show performances, recording in the studio, participating in mall shows, meeting up with fans, and the like. It’s a routine he has gotten used to since he left the PBB house as the 4th Teen Big Placer at age 13.

Now a 16-year-old, Bailey’s career is on a different level. He flies in and out as if he is on a world tour. The constant flying makes Bailey jet-lagged but he refuses to be let down by it. Nothing can slow down this young man for he is certainly living the life as one of the 14 members of global music group Now United.

Bailey May

“I couldn’t be happier,” Bailey remarks to Inside Showbiz Weekly, beaming with contentment. “This is my biggest break. I’ve been praying for this for so long and it’s finally happening. I’m very thankful for everything.” Now United has already performed on American television programs The Late Late Show with James Corden and So You Think You Can Dance.

The pop group has been to some of the members’ countries such as the U.K., Germany, Senegal, South Korea, Japan, China, and the Philippines. “I just have to keep adjusting. I’m basically jetlagged 24/7. I was tired but we had a one-week break and I’m feeling much better now because it was nearly three months on the road so, of course, it’s gonna be tiring. But I think I’m good now,” he assures.

An Improved Performer

Aside from being able to live out his international dream at such a young stage, Bailey proudly brings up how he has evolved as a performer. “It’s been amazing. It’s just been a massive journey, like a massive learning curve. I learned so much. It’s just been a great experience. I learned just to be myself. I feel like I’ve found who I am and I’ve improved so much in my craft. They’ve got the best choreographers. So, I’m learning from the best.”

Singing is his strength and he has a self-titled album released in 2015. He was hailed as the 2017 Most Promising Male Singer/Performer of the Year by the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation (GMMSF) Box Office Entertainment Awards. His O Pag-ibig duet with Ylona Garcia received citations from Himig Handog PPop Lovesongs and Awit Awards. But, Bailey’s dancing is another story.

Bailey May

“I think the main thing was probably adjusting to dance because when I was in Big Brother, I had to dance quite a bit and I was like the worst dancer in the whole house. I was known to be the worst dancer. They didn’t really make fun of me but they laughed at me because I couldn’t dance,” he admits.

“Taking it seriously and proving to people that I can dance now and just working so hard to be able to prove it, I think that’s been a huge adjustment to me.” Now he can say with much conviction, “I’m not the best dancer but I’m better than I was.”

Bailey May

Big Dreams

Just as he wishes success for his former colleagues in the Philippines, he shares that he has grand aspirations for his group. “My dream is for this group to be able to change the world somehow for the better. And my dream is for the whole world to have a Now United, like every country in the world will have a member in Now United. That would be just amazing.” He declares that a year from now, “I see myself with Now United of course at the top of the charts worldwide,” and then gently chuckles.

As for himself, he reveals that he still wants to be a bigger star in the Philippines. “I really wanna be an actor. I want to have my movie here. That’s still one of my dreams, to have my own movie. I wanna be the leading man, of course, and it’s gonna be an amazing movie. And I do not know who the leading lady is. We’ll have to see.”

With all the good things happening in his career, Bailey is still in a daze. “I have to pinch myself sometimes. I can’t believe it like I just feel so amazed I can represent my country. I was a Star Magic artist and now I’ve gone to an international level and I represent my country at the same time. It’s just like a dream come true. It’s amazing.”

Bailey May

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