Bela Padilla Answers Your Love Questions (and Might Come Out with Her Love Advice Book)!

  • February 14, 2018

Since it’s the Day of Hearts, Meet Me in St. Gallen star Bela Padilla recently gave her take on some love issues that could be hounding many of us. An actress and writer of romantic movies, Last Night and Luck at First Sight, Bela has also had her share of many love dilemmas in real life. She has been in a relationship with producer Neil Arce (Angel Locsin’s current beau), and had a special “thing” with actor Zanjoe Marudo, only it didn’t develop into a long-term relationship. Bela has now happily declared that she is single.

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Bela also revealed that she might release a love advice book! “I’m seeing pa where I am with it,” she explained on Tonight With Boy Abunda. “I don’t know if it’s a book or a script.” Bella laughingly admits she is like her character in her movie who is single but keeps on dishing love advice. “Parang ako lang!”

Here is some of her love advice on several issues that she shared on Tonight With Boy Abunda (with some added wisdom from Boy Abunda as well):

Question: How do you know if the intentions of the guy you are dating are good, without directly asking?

Bella: “Without directly asking? Ask his friends. Ask the people around him. I don’t believe in judging someone by his looks [or judging a book by its cover]. So siguro ask the people around him; yung nakakasalamuha niya everyday.”  (She agrees that there are guys that seem maangas at the start, but are actually really nice when you get to know them. She agrees with Boy that it’s a risk one has to take.) And don’t judge somebody by how they look like and how they appear, because sayang, you could be missing out on someone great. (She agrees with Boy as well that one will never really know so use your gut feel.)

Question: My boss and I have fallen in love but we don’t want it to affect our work. What do I do?

Bella: Mag-resign ka na!

Boy: [If the boss is married] don’t get in a relationship with him! But if you’re in a company that allows work relationships, why not?

Bella: There’s a reason why pinagbabawal sa mga kumpanya ang mga relationships, kasi nakakaapekto sa trabaho. So isipin mo, importante ba yung trabaho sa iyo enough, na hahayaan mo siya masira?

Boy: But it’s safer; resign from your job.

Bella: Kung feeling mo naman na magaling ka enough na matatanggap ka somewhere else, mag-resign ka na lang.

Boy: Pwede ring yung boss yung mag-resign. I find it unfair that it’s always the girl who has to resign.

Bella: Pwede rin, Tito Boy.  

Question: The guy I like keeps on giving me mixed signals. Pinaparamdam niya sa aking gusto niya ako while on the side, may nilalandi siyang iba. Should I stop seeing him or ho-hopia pa rin ako?

Bella: Ops! Diyan pa lang Tito Boy, pinapaasa ka niyan! Mixed signals, paasa ‘yan! Kung mahal ka niyan, klaro. Niloloko ka niyan. Tiyaka harap-harapan, alam naman niya na may nilalanding iba. (Jokes) Landiin mo yung nilalandi niya!

Boy: But that makes sense, because there is no relationship anyway! Tingnan natin kung anong reaksyon niya.

Question: 32 na ako at six years na kami ng boyfriend ko, pero ‘di niya pa rin ako inaaya magpakasal. Lagi na po ako tinatanong ng friends at family ko. Dapat ko po ba i-confront ang boyfriend ko?

Bella: No, bakit ka nagpapaapekto sa sinasabi ng mga tao around you? Ikaw ba gusto mo magpakasal? Kung ikaw, gusto mo magpakasal, then sige tanungin mo siya. Pero kung tatanungin mo lang siya dahil tinatanong ka nung pamilya mo, unfair. Unfair for the guy. ‘Di mo alam, baka nag-iipon siya. Baka secretly, he’s building a life for the both of you. Or completely different, baka wala siyang balak magpakasal. So prepare yourself for both.

Boy: Pero dapat, kung six years na sila, dapat yung plano ng guy, ‘di masyado sikreto. There should be transparency. Pero tama ka Bella, you shouldn’t be pressured by friends and family. It is you who will marry the guy. But I agree with you na kapag ikaw ang gusto magpakasal, ikaw ang mag-propose!

Bella: Pwede rin Tito Boy!

Boy: Will you marry me? No really, girls! So if you want to get married, ask.

Bella: Or tanungin mo siya, “Ano ba plano mo?”

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Question: My ex boyfriend recently chatted with me and invited me to hang out with his present girlfriend. Papayag po ba ako para ‘di ako magmukhang bitter ampalaya sa kanila?

Bella: Papayag ka kasi gusto mo sumama, hindi dahil gusto mo ipakita na hindi ka bitter. Kasi ultimately, may ulterior motive ka na, e. Meron kang gustong iparating, meron kang message na gusto ipahatid. So hindi genuine. Sumama ka dahil gusto mo. Hindi dahil meron kang iniisip na, “Naku baka isipin nila, bitter ako.”

Boy: I like that. It’s a choice you make. ‘Wag kang sasama dahil you want to prove that you’ve moved on, you’re okay. Or you want to show people or your ex-boyfriend that you’re tough and brave. Do it for yourself. Kapag ‘di mo kaya, sabihin mo, ‘di mo kaya.  Kung sa tingin mo, magmumukha kang gaga, stay home.

Bella: True. Pero kudos to the ex who invited her with the new girlfriend. Napaka-brave para mo gawin. And also, respeto para sa bago mong girlfriend. Napakaganda ng intensyon niya na yes, niyaya kita lumabas pero kasama yung new girlfriend ko.

Boy: But there has to be an excuse why. Na kunwari, may dahilan. It’s not just about wanting to meet the ex, especially if you have a new girlfriend especially if you don’t know the sensibilities. What if the ex has not moved on? Painful din ‘yun. Pero ‘di natin alam ang nuances. Girl, know who you are. Tama si Bela. Kung kaya mo, do it because you want to do it. Not because you want to prove anything.

Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad

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