Bret Jackson’s Island City Poems Already a Chart-Topper in Its Day of Release!

  • December 1, 2017

After much anticipation, Bret Jackson aka KingwAw has finally released his album Island City Poems. Featuring his friends and fellow musicians James Reid, Sam Concepcion, Kiana Valenciano, and Nadine Lustre, Bret Jackson’s 10-track album immediately topped the charts, placing number 1 on iTunes Philippines album chart.

The track Nowhere I Wouldn’t Go featuring Nadine Lustre is also currently on the top of iTunes Philippines song chart.

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A post shared by Bret Jackson II (@bret.jackson) on

A post shared by Bret Jackson II (@bret.jackson) on

Just like James Reid’s Palm Dreams, the said album is also produced by Careless Music Manila. Bret also took the time to thank his fans for making his debut album successful and for supporting him in his music career. He wrote: “Thank you for making #IslandCityPoems Number One! Thank you for the all out support for Careless Music Manila. I love you all so much. Number 1 Song and Album right now because of all of you! Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting Careless Music Manila. I am beyond happy right now.”

There has been no word yet if an album launch is going to happen but we sure hope there will be so we can experience and enjoy the glory of this album LIVE.

Congratulations, KingwAw!

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