Catriona Gray Reacts On Competing Against Transwoman Miss Spain in Miss Universe 2018

  • July 3, 2018

Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray weighed in on the controversial win of transwoman Angela Ponce as Miss Universe-Spain. Catriona will be competing against Ponce later this year, and Catriona sees no problem about it at all.

“Personally, I have no problem with it, but I do understand why it is an uproar among the fans and different people looking at the issue, because it is a very young discussion about the LGBTQ and especially in the arena of pageantry, where it’s traditional that it is for naturally born women,” Catriona said.

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Catriona seemed to have her full support to letting transgenders to the pageant world.

“Who are we to say that’s wrong, I mean it’s a discussion talaga of the organization talaga… I’m trying to see from all of the sides. But aside from that we need to consider that this contestant didn’t wake up one day saying ‘I wanna be a woman.’ This is someone who identifies as a woman since she was a child,”  Catriona said.

“In her inner being, she is a woman, so are we open minded to allow her to compete with other women? I think that is something we should talk about,”

What can you say about this issue?

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