Catriona Gray Sad Over National Costume Mishap

  • December 12, 2018

Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray expressed her sadness about the technical mishap of her national costume. During the Miss Universe National Costume Show last December 10, Catriona’s costume designed by Jearson Demavivas, Jojo Bragais, and Carlos Buendia Jr. received mixed comments from netizens and pageant fans.

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On her recent Instagram live, Catriona generously answered fans and explained what happened with her national costume.

“My parol was meant to light up. But for some reason I don’t know, it didn’t. Before the show, I was trying to turn it on and did not turn on. So I tried to turn it on again and it did turn on, and it turned on twice in a row, so then I left it,” the beauty queen explained.

She continued: “And then, just before I went onstage, I tried to turn it on again and it wasn’t working again,”

Catriona thinks that the costume malfunctioned after it was transported to Thailand. “I’m not sure if the wires got moved during the transport here to Thailand. But it just so happened that on the day itself, and on the time that I walked out on stage,the lights weren’t working.”

She was saddened by the technical mishap since she really wanted everyone to witness what her team worked hard on. “I’m really, really sad about it because I would have loved to show the full effect of what my team did—with their time and effort. We really went over mountains just to try and get the light and the synchronization of the light within the parol. But regardless, I just want you guys to know that it was a little bit of a technical mishap.”

Nevertheless, Catriona was still a vision in that national costume!

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