Celebrities Who Are Also Vloggers: Who’s your favorite?

  • October 11, 2017

As much as we love seeing celebrities in our television screens performing, acting, and doing what they’re passionate about, we also love seeing what they do behind the scenes. It’s always a treat to see how they act the moment they’re out of the spotlight, and what they are after they take off the fancy clothes and designer heels.

It’s a good thing celebrities nowadays are venturing more and more in documenting their personal lives and sharing them on the popular video streaming site, YouTube.

Here are 8 celebrities who you can get to know better through their vlogs.

Elisse Joson
Although she has only started uploading videos on YouTube, Elisse’s videos are very personal and well-made. So far, she has shared her skincare routine and her Making MEGA in Turkey travel vlog with McCoy de Leon.

Barbie Imperial
Just like her bright and cheerful demeanor, Barbie’s Youtube content are pranks and funny videos with boyfriend Paul Salas.

Ylona Garcia
Ylona’s YouTube channel has a wide variety of content; from vlogs, challenges, live performances, song covers and more. 

Andrea Brillantes
Andrea is one of the celebrities who first made a career out of YouTube. Composed mostly of makeup tutorials and personal vlogs, Andrea’s channel boasts of 370,000 subscribers.

Alexa Ilacad
Just like Andrea, Alexa’s YouTube channel is all about beauty and makeup. Gifted with a skill of doing makeup, the young actress makes use of her channel to teach her subscribers trendy makeup looks. 

Issa Pressman
It’s evident in Issa’s videos and the way she edit them that she’s really a creative person which makes everything she posts interesting. Her videos have a certain, different look that establishes her as a legit YouTuber.

Vivoree Esclito
Former PBB Housemate Vivoree’s YouTube channel is full of challenges, personal vlogs, pranks, and travel diaries.

Maris Racal
Most of Maris Racal’s videos on YouTube are song covers which let us hear her angelic voice while playing the guitar. She also posts personal vlogs, skincare routine, and more.


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