Celebs We Spotted At MEGA Zillennials Party

  • March 21, 2018

It was a night of celebration for the new generation of cool, hip, and stylish teens. Collectively called as the zillennials, anyone can’t help but admire this group of youngsters who are passionate, tech-savvy, and fun which is MEGA Magazine organized a sparkling night out with the zillennials and it was every bit of fun and entertaining.

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When last year, MEGA celebrated the millennials with the MEGA Millennial Ball, it’s zillennials’ time now. Clad in shining and sparkly outfits, both zillennial and non-zillennial celebrities were down to party and celebrate for this new generation. These MEGA zillennials blinded everyone with their own takes on the shining, shimmering, and splendid dress code.

Here are our MEGA Zillennials who partied the night away with us at the Z Party:

Issa Pressman

Ruru Madrid


Mega Zillennials
DJ Marga, Issa Pressman, and Leila Alcasid

Andre Paras, Mikee Quintos, and Ruru Madrid

Andre Paras

Mikee Quintos

Ysabel Ortega

Leila Alcasid with friends

Who’s your favorite zillennial celebrity?

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