Chie Filomeno Shares Message Against Body Shaming

  • October 2, 2018

During the ABS-CBN Ball 2018 hangover when all of the netizens had ample time to go over the photos of their favorite celebrity idols that the media has shared, lots of negative comments also surfaced regarding the appearances of some celebrities, one of them being Chie Filomeno, who got body shamed by a netizen after she shared a photo of her during the ball.

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It all started with a post that Chie shared of her sharing a big smile to the media during the red carpet portion of the ball when a netizen commented, “Edited na ito, yung raw pic kita talaga ang buto-buto na pang bulalo.”

The actress at first replied to the netizen with a subtle shade and said, “101% not edited friend. uy bulalo!! at least masarap hehehe.”

Soon after the actress replied again with, “omg!! Stop already!! Body shaming is not okay!! It’s never an option! I hope whatever you’re going through now, sana malagpasan mo para maging masaya ka naman at hindika na manlait.”

Both replies of the actress got numerous likes and support comments in contrast to the netizen that commented on her page.

The actress then posted on her Instagram story and her Twitter account to post a message calling out those who body shame out of spite saying, “We live in a society that demands so much from us, you have to be this, you have to be that well in fact you just have to be YOU! You do you! How sad that there are so many cruel people in this amazing universe, and that some girls are bringing each other down when we should be the one lifting each other up. Body shaming is not okay, it’ll never be okay. Not ever. Body shaming needs to stop! Fat or skinny may it be a woman or a man. It needs to stop. Everyone is beautiful in their own skin don’t let them tell you otherwise. Stop talking about fat or skinny women or men like their bodies are a tragedy. Their bodies are beautiful. Every body is beautiful. We are all beautiful! No body is a tragedy. And don’t ever let anyone shame you for being you,” signed Chie. 

The actress not only schooled the netizen that commented on her photo, she also definitely spoke up for those who are going through the same thing that she is. Now this is what we call, class!

More power to you, Chie!

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