Chienna Filomeno Fires Back at Basher Who Called Out Her Alleged Nose Job

  • January 31, 2019

It’s a sad fact that bashing has become a norm in the local showbiz industry. Many celebrities tune any form of negativity that comes their way but once in a while, some bashers find the right words to trigger some of our favorite idols to reply to them. Such was the case for Chienna Filomeno who replied to a basher who taunted her regarding her alleged nose job.

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Chienna Filomeno

Chienna Filomeno is known to have one of the most beautiful faces in local show business. That kind of status usually brings in rumors of facial feature enhancements. In a post where the actress celebrated her now two million followers on Instagram, a basher took a jab at Chienna by taunting her with her alleged nose job.

Chienna Filomeno

The basher wrote, “Retoke parin ilong mo and we 2M followers know that. I mean some lang cause manloloko ka.”

Chienna did not take this comment lightly and fired back at the basher. Chienna replied, “Bago ka gumanyan. Siguraduhin mong hindi naka private account mo hija ha? I cannot tolerate things like this anymore, specially [sic] people like you. Okay ka na? Napansin ka na. Smashing your keyboard to hate on people who didn’t do anything wrong to you or anyone. Bawas bawasan mo yang hate sa puso mo girl at wag kung ano anong kabaliwan at kasinungalingan sinasabi mo. Salamat. May you have a good day.”

Chienna Filomeno

Chienna did not engage in the conversation any further. We’ve got to give it to her for standing up for herself!

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