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  • February 12, 2018


Coleen Garcia is a mix of poise, sweetness, wisdom, and self-confidence as she talks about her upcoming movie and forthcoming wedding to Billy Crawford.

In a few months time, at the age of 25, Coleen Garcia will be Mrs. Billy Crawford. While others are agog about the details of their wedding, Coleen is more than willing to talk about how she intends to make her marriage work and last. The bride-to-be knows that her marriage to Billy is way more important than the wedding ceremony. This proves that beyond her sweetness and innocent charm, she has self-assurance and wisdom well beyond her years.


She notes that her current views on love and marriage have been somewhat affected by her latest movie role. She headlines Star Cinema’s Sin Island as Kanika, a married flight attendant who has an affair with a pilot portrayed by TJ Trinidad. Her husband, played by Xian Lim, goes off and has an affair, too, with the character of Nathalie Hart. Conflict arises when Kanika decides she wants her husband back.

“I used to think that okay, if somebody cheats on you, definitely leave the person. And while that could be true if you are in a relationship, it is different when you are in a marriage,” she confesses. “There’s a really big difference. I believe in forgiving; you just can’t leave someone.”

She also shares some lessons which she picked up while doing the movie. “I learned that as long as two people are willing to make a relationship work, it will definitely work. It can’t just be one person, it has to be both people. What I learned from my character is to just fight and never give up.”


With her big screen comeback only a few days away and her wedding happening soon, one could expect Coleen to be all over the place. But she is the exact opposite. The bride-to-be is, in fact, already shining and blooming as if her schedule is not jampacked. She was even able to squeeze in a bachelorette trip to Hawaii on February 5.

Coleen declares that she is a bridechilla which means a chill bride as opposed to a stressed-out bride a.k.a. bridezilla. “I have such a good team especially my Maid of Honor [actress] Ria Atayde and my wedding planner. They are really on top of everything. I could not thank them more. I don’t think I’d be able to survive this season without them.” Meanwhile, she is still tightlipped about the exact details of her wedding.

Coleen is most probably so chill about her wedding because this early on, she is already aware of what is needed to make a marriage work. “Again, as long as two people are willing to try, then things are going to work.” And with her recent pronouncements on love, marriage, forgiveness, and adulting, Coleen is certainly more than ready to walk down the aisle, tie the knot, and become Mrs. Crawford.

Photography by Jerick Sanchez of New Monarq Creativx / Sittings Editor Nic Magquilat / Words by Rosy Mina / Special Thanks to Star Magic, Star Cinema

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