How Compatible Are Your Favorite Love Teams According To Their Zodiac Signs?

  • December 18, 2017

No matter what you believe in, there’s no use in denying that horoscope is a fun thing to read and look forward to every day. You may not believe it but zodiac signs have some say in our personality traits which directly affect our way of living and the alignment of stars during the time we were born may really have an impact in some aspects of our lives. Astrology is also a fun way to guess how a relationship would work, and according to the stars, this is how compatible your favorite love teams are.

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James Reid (Taurus) and Nadine Lustre (Scorpio)

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Even the stars agree that James and Nadine are a match made in heaven. Taurus and Scorpio combination is a potent one and will definitely lead to an all-star success. Taurus and Scorpio may be total opposites but it’s the kind of difference that balances each other out. They’re both loyal and heavily fascinated with each other. Definitely the kind of love everyone hopes for.

Daniel Padilla (Taurus) and Kathryn Bernardo (Aries)

A Taurus and Aries combination may not always look like a good idea because these two signs couldn’t be any more different with each other but it’s also probably the reason why they can’t get enough of each other. And Kathryn and Daniel are the perfect examples for this. One look at them and we instantly see that they’re two very different people: Sweet and soft Kath and Edgy and brooding Daniel but they’re a perfect match! They have very different rhythms but they also have a great things to offer to each other.

Enrique Gil (Aries) and Liza Soberano (Capricorn)

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Capricorn and Aries’ orientations may be a tad bit too different but their simmilarity lie in their common goal: their drive to succeed. Both signs are very work-minded, dedicated and heavily success driven which explains why Enrique and Liza choose to focus first on their careers than wholly jump into a serious relationship.

Joshua Garcia (Libra) and Julia Barretto (Virgo)

A Libra and Virgo may not be the most ideal and classic combination, but still, they have great qualities to offer and teach to each other. A Libra and Virgo combination needs hard work to succeed and requires each other to be open to changes and adjustments.

Alden Richards (Capricorn) and Maine Mendoza (Pisces)

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Just like JaDine, AlDub is a constellation-approved pair. Capricorn and Pisces are as compatible as any pair could get! A Pisces woman is heavily affectionate, and a Capricorn will definitely enjoy and appreciate all the love and attention. This is the kind of pairing that flows and grows naturally, a love that will stand the test of time.

Elmo Magalona (Taurus) and Janella Salvador (Aries)

ElNella shares the same signs with KathNiel which probably explains why we see so much in common with these two pairings. They’re obviously fixated on each other and will definitely work when enough effort is exerted. Taurus-Aries combination may not be the ideal pairing but as long as the Taurus isn’t too stubborn and the Aries is patient enough, they are definitely in the right path.

Maymay Entrata (Taurus) and Edward Barber (Cancer)

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Taurus and Cancer are basically soulmates. These two signs want the same things, and have the same goals in life making them a power couple, if ever they decide to be together. These signs are deeply emotional and in touch with their emotions which makes the relationship a breeze.

Ruru Madrid (Sagittarius) and Gabbi Garcia (Sagittarius)

A pair with same signs are basically like-minded people. They have the same ideals, and same desired path in life which will make the development of a relationship very easy. Communication will also not be a problem as Sagittarius people are known to be very good communicators. With their signs and how things are currently going, it seems like Gabbi and Ruru are an ideal couple.

McCoy de Leon (Pisces) and Elisse Joson (Capricorn)

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Capricorn and Pisces is a brilliant blend of practical and focused people. When these two are together, love overflows as both signs are caring and supportive. And even though these signs are also inherently different, these differences can lead up to exciting and interesting things.

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