Confirmed: That Thing Called Tadhana sequel is in the works!

  • February 27, 2018

The romantic indie film, That Thing Called Tadhana, was an iconic hit, with the screenplay winning a Palanca award, Sagada becoming a pilgrimage place of sorts for heartbroken travelers, and Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman being reborn into indie film stars. There has been much clamor for a Part 2, and finally, Angelica confirmed it over the weekend, by saying that yes, indeed, a sequel is in the works! “Ang alam namin may inaayos,” the 32-year-old actress told reporters during the launch of a book over the weekend,  of which she wrote the foreword.

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Angelica also looks forward to a JM who has come from an acting hiatus. “Siyempre iba iyong hunger na puwede ng lumabas sa kaniya ngayon pagdating sa acting,” she said of her leading man. JM is known to be one of the best actors in his generation. Meanwhile, he has also confirmed the Tadhana sequel, saying writer and director Antoinette Jadaone is working on the script. “Kinausap ko si Direk Tonet (Antoinette), sabi niya nasimulan na niyayong script,” he shared to reporters. “Sabi niya ayaw niyang madaliin at gawin ng walang tamang dahilan so magiging patient na lang ako.” JM has posted on his Instagram account about inspiring Direk Tonet to finish the script.

The first installment of That Thing Called Tadhana told the story of Mace (Angelica) and Anthony (JM), two strangers who initially met at an airport in Europe and who travel together back home. Mace is especially heartbroken, having just been through a breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Marco (Joem Bascon), with whom she had been with for many years. Mace and Anthony go on a spontaneous road trip upon reaching the Philippines. They head to Baguio and Sagada and talk about their heartbreaks and failures, unbeknown to them that they themselves are falling for each other. The film’s ending, where the two leads didn’t really end up with another but are in good terms, is open to interpretation and looks like an ideal starting ground for a sequel.

The film also made a star of Direk Tonet, who also became a household name in the industry. She has said before that she would agree to work on a sequel, but “in the right conditions.” The film was the highest-grossing indie film of 2014 and seems to have set a trend in Philippine cinema recently. Films with themes of heartbreak or hugot films like Kita Kita, Meet Me in St. Gallen, etc. have also become hits with viewers.

Tadhana became a pop culture phenomenon, along with its signature elements like the main setting, Sagada (who can forget Mace shouting in Kiltepan when she was heartbroken?); Whitney Houston’s song, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?”; and even Mace and Anthony’s pose in the poster, where both of them are looking down with their faces in their hands. JM and Angelica themselves recently replicated the pose when they got together weeks ago during a social gathering.

JM’s career comeback and real-life romance with Angelica?

The confirmation of a second Tadhana film is also in part because of JM’s return to showbiz. JM had a hiatus after coming from a rehabilitation center due to drug use; he was last seen in 2015 in the teleserye, All of Me. The 29-year-old actor is now fit for work and ready to go back to create projects. He is taping the teleserye, Araw Gabi with Barbie Imperial. JM has said in past reports that Tadhana has been significant in his comeback. “Noong first rehab ko, ‘yon ang una kong naging film. Ang ganda nga nung nagawa ng film na ‘yon sa pagcomeback ko,” he recalled.

Some of his co-stars who have welcomed him back in showbiz include Pusong Ligaw lead actor Joem Bascon, who played Mace’s ex-boyfriend in Tadhana, and Angelica herself, who has been seen going out with JM and friends several times. Joem has a picture with JM in his Instagram account, saying he’s excited to see his Tadhana co-star act again.

JM’s comeback this 2018 has also made him more visible in social events with Angelica. These have sparked rumors of the two dating and of JM courting his co-star. JM has admitted in Push Now Na to host Darla Sauler that he was the mysterious giver of the bouquet of flowers that Angelica posted on her social media a month ago, but with no named sender. JM said that the act of giving the flowers is platonic, though. “To show my appreciation sa pagiging magkaibigan namin,” explained JM as to why he gave the bouquet.  “‘Yung klase ni Angge, dapat binibigyan mo naman talaga ng flowers kahit hindi Valentine’s.” Darla still tried to ask if things could get romantic between the Tadhana co-stars. “Si Angge ba ay nakikita mo as someone na magiging girlfriend mo?” he asked JM. The latter replied, “Asa pa akoBasta, okay ‘yung mga nangyayari. Kami-kami ‘yung nagsusuportahan.

Angelica has also been recently linked to her ex-boyfriend and childhood friend, Carlo Aquino, but there are fans rooting for JM as well, especially now that Angelica and JM are both single and can be seen going out with friends.

Now that the secret’s out as to who the flower sender is, are you in favor of a real-life romance between Mace and Anthony?

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Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad

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