Daniel Padilla Moved By Kathryn Bernardo’s Battered Scene

  • July 6, 2017

Daniel Padilla assures fans that the cast and crew are working hard to entertain their viewers.

Viewers witnessed Kathryn Bernardo‘s character, Malia, get beat up by the members of La Liga Unida in the recently aired “Kabilugan” episode. Many were moved by the gravity the actors displayed throughout the scene. Daniel, having witnessed it himself, said he wanted to fend for her.

Although some may have been left upset over the casualties that Malia acquired, he hinted at Tristan and Malia’s soon meeting. This, he spilled, with a twist: “Malay natin baka kami maglaban or magkakampi kami…”

On whose side do you think Tristan will be on?

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