Darren Espanto Apologizes For Derogatory “Bakla” Remark

  • October 24, 2018

Darren Espanto has caught himself in the middle of controversies this week as he called out his former The Voice Kids contender JK Labajo for a certain tweet that accused him of acting gay. In response, Darren challenged JK through a tweet and in the process used the term “bakla” in a derogatory way.

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It all started with a tweet from JK Labajo that was directed towards Darren that said “gayness at its finest,” which JK claims was a hacked tweet.

Darren did not believe JK and challenged him to prove that it was a hacked tweet by facing him and then they would know who is really gay. Darren exact words were, “Timing ‘no? Dinelte ng “hacker” mo yung tweet na ‘to after kang kausapin ng management. Pag nahanap mo yung hacker mo puntahan niyo ako para malamon niyo kung sino yung totoong BAKLA.”


Darren has gotten a lot of backlash with this response from netizens who say that it is in no way acceptable for one to use the term “bakla” or “gay” in a degrading way.

Darren has since took to his Twitter account to apologize for using “bakla” in a demeaning way. The total performer tweeted, “I didn’t mean to use the word “bakla” as a derogatory term. I’m sorry if this has offended anyone. And to the people who say I have “fragile masculinity”? I’ve been bashed with this since I was in The Voice Kids (I was 12) pero wala kayong narinig. I’m 17 now, kakapagod na rin.”

Darren Espanto
Darren Espanto Apologizes For Derrogatory “Bakla” Remark

What do you think of Darren’s apology? Do you accept it?

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