Darren Espanto Spots “Kathryn Bernardo” Graffiti in Sydney

  • October 22, 2018

Kathryn Bernardo is truly a global star, so much so that her The Hows of Us co-star Darren Espanto spotted a graffiti art on the streets that looked exactly like her.

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While in Sydney for the #ASAPLiveInSydney concert, Darren posted a photo of a graffiti art in Sydney that had a striking resemblance to our very own Kathryn Bernardo. In the photo that Darren posted, the face of the girl by his left thigh looks a lot like Kathryn.

Darren Espanto
Darren Espanto Spots “Kathryn Bernardo” Graffiti in Sydney

Darren even posted it on his Instagram story with the caption, “May kamukha siya.”

Do you think that this graffiti art had Kathryn Bernardo as the inspiration behind it?

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