Jodi Sta. Maria Returns To The Big Screen With Xian and Joseph

  • May 11, 2017

With two new leading men beside her,  Jodi Sta. Maria returns to the big screen for the newest Star Cinema film Dear Other Self directed by Veronica Velasco.

Jodi Sta. Maria shared that she enjoyed doing the movie with her two younger leading men, Xian Lim and Joseph Marco. She stated that the age difference among them didn’t affect their work at all. “Hindi ko talaga kasi ma-consider sila na parang mga bata. Though sa age, oo, mas bata sila sa akin. Pero yung level of maturity naman nila, hindi naman nalalayo sa akin.”

Dear Other Self is centered on Sta. Maria’s character, Becky and how the choices she make everyday lead to different experiences, different relationships, and ultimately, a different future.

Jodi also shared that she believes in the power of the little choices we make every day. “The quality of the choices we make everyday dictates the quality of our future,” she said to the press when asked what she learned from doing the movie.

One of her leading men, Xian Lim, had nothing but great things to say about her new leading lady. Xian Lim shared that it was a great opportunity for him to work with and learn from a veteran actress like Jodi Sta. Maria.

When asked what their other selves would be, Jodi answered that she would have been a doctor while Xian said his other self is a basketball player.

Dear Other Self hits cinemas nationwide starting May 17.