Did Jake Cuenca Smoke Inside A Cinema During A Movie Premiere?

  • October 19, 2018

Jake Cuenca is the talk of the internet once again as he is pointed out to be the subject of a certain blind item by a film writer who accused an actor for being noisy and smoking an e-cigarette inside the cinema in a couple of tweets on her social media account that are now deleted.

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Anj Pessumal, the writer of the film First Love took to her Twitter account to voice out her frustrations over an actor who attended the movie premiere who was allegedly noisy and was smoking an e-cigarette inside the movie house.

She called out the unnamed actor in her tweet that said, “S/o [shoutout] to the obnoxious actor at the premiere last night who was so noisy during the screening and was smoking an e-cigarette inside the cinema. Minahal kita dati ihhh, asshole ka lang talaga.

The tweet was followed up with another one that gave another clue on who might the actor be that said, “Nag-IG story ‘din pala siya during the film.”


The tweet quickly made its rounds on the internet and various replies from netizens on different social media platforms and forums pointed out that the blind item subject could be Jake Cuenca who has been seen smoking e-cigarettes in social settings and was indeed present at the red carpet premiere of First Love. 

Jake Cuenca
Jake Cuenca

Do you think Anj Pessumal was referring to Jake Cuenca in her tweets? Comment down below!

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