Did PBB Otso Housemate Andre Really Lead Ex-Housemate Abi On?

  • March 28, 2019

On the recently-held PBB Otso Tapatan, the issue between housemates Andre Brouillette and Abi Kassem was once again unearthed. It can be remembered that Abi used to like Andre, and even confessed her feelings to him at one point. However, Andre respectfully turned her down and told Abi to “choose to be faithful”, as Abi has a boyfriend outside.

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Abi brought this issue up during the PBB Tapatan and claimed that Andre’s “sugar-coating” of words made her depressed. Abi asked Andre: “Why do you sugarcoat what you say, so much that it confuses the others, leads them to misinterpretation and tends to make them suffer and go through depression just like me who misunderstood your statement, ‘that just know that it’s mutual misunderstanding?’”

Andre said that Abi misunderstood what he said to her. “I do not mean it in a way to make that person sad or confused. In regards to me and you, I did make it a point that we have to make the right decision. She mentioned to me that she loves her boyfriend. She has been in relationship with him for three years.”

Former housemate Wakim defended Abi and told Andre that he led her on had dire consequences for Abi.

Andre replied and apologized if he really made Abi depressed. “Life in here is totally different from the outside. It’s different here so I don’t mean to make anybody depressed by the things I say by sugarcoating, it’s not what I am trying to do. I am trying to be a genuine person and be honest. But at the same time life here is different. If I made you depressed in any way I am honestly, from the bottom of my heart, apologetic. I am sorry. I didn’t mean to make you depressed,”

Do you think Andre really made Abi believe that he likes her?

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  • The actions that she made.is over she felt a gf of andre or an x gf to him by showing a jealous reaction to Lou when both are having sweet.moments and she told to mitch na both.of them are not felt shame doing it in front of her?for.what reasons abi?you have no right to felt jealous andre dont have any commitment on you,because of that all of the pbb housemates tell that you feel jealous for.nothing that’s make you DEPRESSED you’re assuming too much and you brought it out in Harapan ng tapatan which makes you more out of control for what you feel for andre.Is that make sense on your part abi?

  • No its not.. its only abi really think andre likes her.. as what Ive seen on tv.. andre maybe acting like that but its totally defferent how she look lou, she trying to hide it

  • No,she the make her move by acting like a jealousy to Lou and she act and assume that Andre gonna like her,she the make a move not Andre,and she act that time she the most beautiful but not a hood heart