Dingdong Dantes, Derek Ramsay, and Piolo Pascual’s New Favorite Bar

  • January 14, 2019

There’s a new bar in town that’s getting everyone talking. What’s more, Dingdong Dantes, Derek Ramsay, and Piolo Pascual– three of today’s hottest stars are joining in the fun as they opened up about their new favorite bar from Dunkin’ Donuts!

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Dingdong Dantes, Derek Ramsay, and Piolo Pascual

The three actors were announced as endorsers last Thursday during the launch of the new DD Bars. The new line of bars comes come in five different flavors: the dark chocolate-y Éclaire, the coffee-sprinkled Tiramisu, the kreme-filled hazelnut-flavored Split Royale, the exquisite Matcha, and the fruity, white chocolate Lady Finger.

In a historic move, Dunkin’ Donuts added Dingdong Dantes to their roster of endorsers that originally consisted of Piolo Pascual and Derek Ramsay.

“It is such an honor to join these two fine gentlemen [as endorsers]. Matagal ko nang iniisip kung kalian ko sila makaktrabaho and I am just so grateful na nagawa ng Dunkin’ Donuts ‘yun and for something that is very dear for us. Something that is personal, because we all have our personal stories about Dunkin Donuts. And just like every Filipino, naging kasama natin sa paglaki ito,” shared Dingdong.

Dingdong Dantes, Derek Ramsay, and Piolo Pascual

Derek and Piolo share the same sentiments and even shared their own stories about growing up with Dunkin’ Donuts.

Derek remembered the fond memories that he had with the brand while growing up in America. “Me and my friends go to the store at midnight, because they get rid of whatever’s left in the donuts. So me and my other Filipino friends would just go down there and study. We buy the coffee and we get free donuts!”

Piolo, on the other hand,  had his first experience with Dunkin’ Donuts during his earlier years in showbiz as it was one of his first endorsements. “My story about Dunkin’ happened when I was still doing commercials when I was a teenager. One of my very first commercials was Dunkin’ Donuts, so when they got me, I was telling them about the story that I did Dunkin’ Donuts commercial when I was still in my teens.”

The three matinee idols have been formally announced as the new trio of endorsers in a commercial that is too hot to handle! Watch the full clip below:

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