Direk Paul Soriano Explains The Meaning Behind “First Love” Title

  • October 11, 2018

Direk Paul Soriano’s latest film to hit the big screen First Love is definitely one to watch out for as it is bringing together two of the biggest names in local showbiz namely, Bea Alonzo and Aga Muhlach.

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First Love is the first time that Filipino audiences will see the tandem of Bea and Aga. The trailer introduces Bea and Aga as Ali and Nick. Nick (Muhlach) works as a financial adviser for a living who meets Ali (Alonzo), a girl who suffers from Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy and is on the waiting list for a heart transplant. Because Nick and Ali are of mature age already, one would question why the film is entitled First Love given the story’s premise.

In the media day of First Love, Direk Paul gladly explained the film’s title, “I think for me [First Love] it’s the moment that you know its your last. That’s what we put in the trailer. Actually my writer sent me something a couple of days ago and it said, ‘When you have a first love, you always hope that its your last and when you have your last, you always treat it like your first.’ I think, when you watch the film and you go on this journey with Nick and Ali, you will really understand what ‘first love’ is and when you leave the cinema, what I hope for is that you’ll have a definition of ‘first love’ and for everyone its gonna be different,” shares Direk Paul.

And while on the topic, the press asked Direk Paul if his wife Toni is who he considers as his “first love” and he said, “Yes, my first love is my wife, Toni. Because it’s the moment that I knew that she was my last.”

Such a sweet meaning behind the film’s title! Watch the full trailer below:

First Love opens in cinemas nationwide on October 17.

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