Do These Celebrities Have What It Takes To Be Government Officials?

  • October 26, 2018

The filing of Certificate of Candidacy (COC) for the 2019 national and local election is finally over. Political aspirants all flocked to COMELEC in the past 5 days to secure a post as government officials and a number of them are part of the showbiz industry. While they have the advantage of being popular among the public, do these public official hopefuls have what it takes to serve us in the government? Here is a quick rundown of their credentials to help you make an informed decision on your vote.

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Senatorial Race

As a senator, one must be able to assist the Congress in coming up with well studied legislative policy enactments. One must also be able to determine the needs of the country and be able to take action for the welfare of everyone.

To be run for a senatorial post, the law does not require much. According to the 1987 Philippine Constitution, any natural-born citizen of the Philippines who is at least 35 years old, is able to read and write, is a registered voter, and is a resident in the country may run. But this does not equate that anybody who’s qualified to run, can fulfill the duties of a senator.

Lito Lapid

celebrities coc lito lapid

He is known for his professional stunt skills in various Filipino action films. Today, his regular role in ABS-CBN’s teleserye Ang Probinsyano brought him back to the limelight but Lito Lapid wanted to seek more even at the age of 62.

He served the Senate in 2004 until 2010 and was re-elected to serve until 2016. His son, Mark Lapid admitted that his father did not know how to speak in English but is a high school graduate.

During his term as Senator, he created and passed the Lapid Law which aids the needs of indigent Filipinos of access to free legal assistance.

Jinggoy Estrada

celebrities coc jinggoy estrada

Jinggoy Estrada follows the similar footsteps of his father, Former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada. Just like Erap, Jinggoy started as an actor. In fact, he won FAMAS Best Supporting Actor awardee for the film Farita Punzalan Story. At 25, he entered politics by serving as the Vice Mayor of San Juan. Jinggoy earned an undergraduate degree of A.B. Economics from the University of the Philippines and he also took up Bachelor of Laws for four years at the Lyceum University.

In 2017, Jinggoy was involved in a graft and plunder case for a multi-million pork barrel scam.

Bong Revilla

celebrities coc bong revilla

Bong Revilla is currently detained in Camp Crame for his alleged involvement in the P10 billion pork barrel scam. He reportedly hopes for his case to be resolved before the election period begins so at the filing, it was his wife Lani Mercado and son Jolo Revilla who submitted his COC for him.

celebrities coc bong revilla lani mercado

Out of the 107 bills passed into laws that he either authored or co-sponsored, the most notable law is the Helmet Law in 2010. This mandates all motorcycle riders to wear standard protective helmets.

Local Posts

Mocha Uson

celebrities coc mocha uson

The most controversial ex-PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson is now running for AA-Kasosyo Party-list Representative.

As a party-list representative, one must know how to voice out concerns of underrepresented sectors in the society  properly. Her intention for running is to help the OFWs by teaching them entrepreneurship that AA-Kasosyo, an OFW party-list, represents.

AA-Kasosyo Party-list is allegedly involved with the P10 billion pork barrel scam.

Below is a list of her accomplishments during her term as PCOO Asec:

Dominic Ochoa

celebrities coc dominic ochoa

Since 1996, actor Dominic Ochoa has been active in the silver screen with 18 films and 64 TV shows to be exact. This coming midterm elections, he will be running for a Councilor post in Parañaque City.

Dominic reigns from a prominent family in Pila, Laguna. His ancestors are also former public officials composed of an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, a lieutenant colonel in the Katipunan to name a few. Earlier this month, Dominic admits that he is a Marcos supporter.

Rommel Padilla

celebrities coc rommel padilla

Rommel Padilla is the brother of Robin Padilla and the father of Daniel Padilla. He is also acting with Coco Martin for Ang Probinsyano this year. In 1996, Rommel was arrested for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

He filed his COC to be Nueva Ecija’s 1st district representative.

Sheryl Cruz

celebrities coc sheryl cruz

We all see her as the standard for a kontrabida in Philippine teleserye. This time, Sheryl Cruz wants to serve the people of Manila as a Councilor. Incumbent Manila City Mayor Erap Estrada is Sheryl Cruz’s godfather. “Gusto kong magsimula sa distrito ko, kung saan nanggaling ang pamilya Cruz.” she said in an interview with ABS-CBN.

Sheryl graduated with a marketing degree in City College of San Francisco in California, USA.

Long Mejia

celebrities coc long mejia

TV comedian Long Mejia is vying for a position in politics for the first time as Camarines Sur 1st District Representative. As a congressman, one must be knowledgeable to make law or amend and revoke existing laws. If the famous comedian wins the election, we’ll see if he’s capable for the job of a congressman.

Jaycee Parker

celebrities coc jaycee parker

Viva Hot Babes alum and actress Jaycee Parker eyes for a spot as Councilor of Angeles, Pampanga. Her husband, Jericho Aguas is the incumbent councilor of Angeles, Pampanga. Just recently, the two got married 9 months after the death of Isabel Granada, the ex-wife of Jericho.

Ciara Sotto and Gian Sotto

celebrities coc gian sotto ciara sotto

The son and daughter of Senate President Tito Sotto are pushing their luck at securing a position in politics. Actress and singer Ciara Sotto is running for the first time as Luntiang Pilipinas party-list’s second nominee.

Meanwhile, her brother Gian Sotto, who was an actor and now the third district councilor of Quezon City, is running for the vice mayor post of Quezon City.

Isko Moreno

celebrities coc isko moreno

Even though he is out of the showbiz industry for quite some time, Isko Moreno’s name is remembered by everyone. Isko Moreno was an actor for GMA and ABS-CBN’s teleserye Bakekang and Mga Anghel na Walang Langit in 2006.

During his first years in Politics, Isko took a crash course in University of the Philippines in Local Legislation and Local Finance. He also took up Public Administration in Pamantasang Lungsod ng Maynila. He also studied law in Arellano University for two years and stopped to focus in his job as Councilor in 2012.

After his 3-year break from politics, Isko Moreno is making a comeback as he filed for a mayoral post in Manila City.

Edu Manzano

celebrities coc edu manzano

Although he has lost the Vice Presidential race in 2010 and Senatorial race in 2016, Edu Manzano gives politics another chance as he runs for Congressman of San Juan.

Edu first served in politics as Vice Mayor of Makati City in 1998 to 2001. He is also named as chairman of the Optical Media Board in 2004 until 2009.

Richard Yap

celebrities coc richard yap

We may know him as Papa Tien of Binondo, Manila in My Binondo Girl, but actor and businessman Richard Yap yearns to serve the people of Cebu, where he reigned. He filed his COC as Cebu City North District Representative in 2019. “There is more to us than being celebrities. I guess the public should also look beyond (our status) as actors,” he said.

Local Re-election Posts

Jolo Revilla

celebrities coc jolo revilla

30-year-old Jolo Revilla is the son of parents who both came from showbiz and are now politicians Bong Revilla and Lani Mercado. Jolo then worked for GMA and ABS-CBN as an actor for several shows.

Jolo holds the record as the youngest-appointed vice governor in the Philippines. This week, Jolo filed his COC in hopes of a re-election for the post. In June this year, Jolo graduated from college with a degree in Bachelor of Arts – Major in Legal Studies.

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Roderick Paulate

celebrities coc roderick paulate

We often saw him with tiyang Amy Perez in Magandang Tanghali Bayan and The Singing Bee years ago. Now, Roderick Paulate is running again but for a different post.

Roderick is running as Vice Mayor of Quezon City. The incumbent city Councilor is facing graft and falsification cases for allegedly hiring ghost employees in 2010.

Vilma Santos-Recto

celebrities coc vilma santos

The Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos-Recto is known for her impeccable talent in acting. In her 55 years in the industry, Vilma Santos has ventured all genres of the film industry.

In 1998, Vilma Santos entered politics as the first female mayor of Lipa City Batangas where she served for 9 years. In 2007, she then served as the Governor of Batangas. She was re-elected twice.

After her post in the house of representatives, Vilma Santos then ran for Congresswoman post of the 6th district of Batangas. She filed her COC for re-election of her post this week.

Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez

celebrities richard gomez lucy torres

The father of Juliana, wife of Lucy. Richard Gomez is the boy-next-door from the 80s and is still active in the limelight until today.

He first took a dip at politics in 2007 by running for a national post in the Senate. He lost the elections quickly. But in 2016, he ran for the mayoral post in Ormoc City and won. This time, Goma filed his COC in pursuit of re-election for the position.

Lucy, on the other hand, is also seeking a re-election as Leyte’s 4th district representative.

Alfred Vargas

celebrities coc alfred vargas

Both an ABS-CBN and GMA alum, Alfred Vargas proves that his heart is in politics. The Encantadia star is wanting to obtain his post as 5th District Representative of Quezon City.

Alfred graduated with an A.B. Management Economics degree in Ateneo de Manila University. He then went to the University of the Philippines Diliman to pursue a master’s degree in public administration.

These celebrities have excelled in showbiz when it comes to entertainment. But the government is nowhere near entertainment. The choice is up to us, the citizens of the Philippines if we give them a shot in having the power to change the lives of the Filipinos for the better.